Adventures of a University Finalist

Saturday, October 30, 2004

You Got Me the Greatest Gift of All... The Complete Boz Scaggs!

Oh my god, very important news. While browsing the really rarther too comprehensive Tv Tome website I found this. Yes, Family Guy is apparently coming back for a fourth season due to the huge demand. Yes, I did sign the petition!
Something else that I managed to find was a brilliant
essay by Joe Jackson on his official website concerning his pro-smoking articles in the Daily Telegraph and his vocal opposition to the smoking bans enforced in New York. It, of course, cannot be taken on its own as any great revelation but it is refreshing to read such an eloquent piece of writing that never descends into cheap shots and partisanship. There's also the fact that this is the man that wrote "Real Men" and "Is She Really Going Out With Him". His Double CD anthology is in the post. So I had better go to sleep because the sooner I do, the sooner it arrives.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

My Laptop - The Ticking Timebomb

I do apologise for the lack of posting over the past couple of days. I wrote a magnum opus the other day and was very happy with it but then my laptop decided that it hates me again and froze. Oh, the humanity!
You see my laptop and I have a very fractured history. There was the time that it left me stranded in San Jose to trawl after some cheap Texan tramp. Admittedly I did steal his girlfriend that one time but they were ona break after she found out that he'd been to Hooter's... This has resulted in him functioning perfectly well for about an hour and then pretending to have a fit resulting in my screen being bombarded by pop-ups, most programs ceasing to function, and in me losing half an hour's work. Damn his outdated booty. Damn it to Robot Hell!
Well to be honest, there's not been much to update about my situation except for my new fevered addiction to the song "Look Sharp" by
Joe Jackson. It's just so perfect. However, I did manage to get out last night to an event held at the Union called Back 2 School. Readers, I must tell you that it was not the best of times. There were two blackouts, numerous sound problems, an incoherent DJ set resulting in Disco Inferno being played twice (not a bad thing in itself) and the fact that I was surrounded by drunken couples. Poor, poor, pitiful me.
A plus from yesterday is that I may have snagged a very cool DJ spot on the University radio which will start webcasting sometime next year and when it does there will definitely be a link and lots of advertising of the fact that I rock. That's all for now, folks because I officially spent. See you on the flipside.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Sleepy Procrastination Blackout Blues

Well, I''ve finally maaged to drag myself in front of the computer and write something about the past couple of days. To be honest, at the moment, I'm feeling a little funky but sadly not in the Bootsy Baby way. Thus, to amend for my rather messed up physical condition I've been on a spending spree resulting in almost completing my Richard Linklater collection, becoming the owner of two CDs by an obscure Australian version of Aztec Camera, and the purchase of yet another Flamin' Groovies compilation. So now I feel I like I've been punched in the nose and have no money to drown my woes in alcohol. Doh!
The city had a mini blackout the other night resulting in the college being enveloped in darkness for three hours. Sadly, this managed to interrupt my quiz team's winning of the bar quiz resulting in my quiz mates ranting against God, Allah and L. Ron Hubbard for most of the night. I have also managed to discover that the backlight on my new phone can cause extreme retina damage due to the fact that gazing at it in the pitch black is tantamount to staring at the sun. It has two settings: normal and bright. At the moment it's on normal so we fear that any attempt to put it on the bright setting would result in an experience not dissimmilar to a flashbang. Will have to remember that for when the college gets overrun by terrorists. "Eat phone, bitch!" just doesn't sound that impressive though. Will have to work on some more impressive quips. You never know.
Apparently, this is only the
second best website in the universe. I've enjoyed trawling through it's archives if only for headlines such as "Bill O"reilly is a big, blubbering vagina", the webmaster's hilarious hate mail (inane is a word, people!), and for some healthy controversy. Apparently, he's going to hell so if you don't want to join him leave the link alone!
The same goes for
Achewood, a brilliant web comic about cats in thongs who drink martinis, teddy bears in pullovers, and insane serial killers called Nice Pete. There's plenty on the site with Achewood radio, Ray Schmuckle's Advice Page, and blogs for all the main protagonists. Phillippe is a very special boy. Unlike myself, who managed to miss his first Criminal Law tutorial due to a mixture of laziness and general ignorance. Whoops.
Well, this should satisfy you, my faithful audience, for a day or so. Thus, I bid you all a found farweel for I am off to laugh at Jack Black's attempt at Immigrant Song. Sqeaul, fat boy, sqeaul!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Mixing It Up with the Best of Them

While idlely browsing around the Ben Folds forum I came across The Art of the Mix. As an avid mix taper myself (last year I spent any free moment making them to play in my car stereo whilst ferrying my friends around town), I was duly intrigued and I must say that it's great fun. Although, I'd never think of using anyone else's ideas as a blueprint of my listening pleasure is interesting how similar some people's tastes are to my own. I've already posted my first mix and the site's already bookmarked for daily viewing.
Check it out, boys and girls. Maybe I should make a Homestar Runner Mix Tape next time ...

I Love the Unknown

Well having noticed how hard it is to write anything interesting about myself when I spend my entire day sat on my arse watching Alias and Futurama. There were also brief breaks for cake. Light yet delicious cake. I have also managed to spend 18 quid on two Clem Snide albums and a EP by them too. If any of you guys haven't heard of the band take a stop at their website. My Favourite Music is constantly on my stereo at the moment due to the fact that 'African Friend' is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Cellos and Richie Valens covers rock the indie casbah that is my heart.
I'd love to just place a little icon telling you guys what I'm currently listening to on this thing, like on my sister's wonderful
blog that should be visited by all, but she's slightly more technically minded than I when it comes to the intermaweb. There's also the rather large problem that nothing stays in my stereo too long. So far today, it's seen the MC5, Ween, Ben Folds Five, Otis Redding and Clem Snide. Evaporated should not be listened to following a break up. Mass hysteria will no doubt ensue.
Have been thinking about doing an article for the college newspaper where I only eat college food for a week (ie no snacking on the wonderful invention that is Topic bars). Like
Super Size Me but the food is more inedible/unidentifiable. Hopefully, I can get my arse in gear and do it. It may be fun... or seriously damaging to my health. Either's good.
Broke my G string (comedy drum roll) on my guitar today whilst tuning it for some random Crowded House song. Damn you Neil Finn and your impeccable voice that can sing in any key! Damn you to the hell where Nick Seymour and Paul Hester now reside.
So my small minions, your leader must depart to his bed and dream of leprechauns and possibly Warwick Davis. You never know.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Does Sydney Bristow Get Hangovers?

Do you remember the old adage - beer before wine feeling fine, wine before beer feeling queer (or maybe I'm horribly paraphrasing here). Well do you think there's one for rum before and after multiple pints... wow it's hard to rhyme stuff with pints... Answers on a postcard, dear readers.
As you can tell from this mildly amusing segue, I was rather inebriated last night due to my playing for my college's Pool E Team (the girl's are the D team- we rock) against a ladies pool team. As many people know, pool is not a sport. It, like darts before it, is an excuse to get drunk, piss around with your mates and, in some cases, crack on to the opposing team's captain. Hilarious antics ensued with muchos muchos alcohol consumption, leading to the e-mailing of said pool captain, sexual advisory (home-made may I add) posters placed around college, and just generally being crude, rude and rather emotional (if you're me).
Got my new internet t-shirt from
Scary Go Round. It's called "The Saddest Wookie" and I doubt that I''l take it off for at least threee days. It is THAT good. I am not looking to the day that I forget to turn it inside out and my wookie fades away in the ether like the Star Wars Christmas Special before him. Life Day! Life Day! The Freaks and Geeks soundtrack arrived today as well. Bad Reputation is going on repeat! I'm also looking forward to imitating Bill's dance moves along to Space Funk. Love it.
Have started to watch Alias after borrowing the guy in the neighbouring room's DVD. How much must the thing cost? Apparently, they did a clip show to save money and then ended up driving a car into a pool (or something) which still cost them a couple of thousand dollars. It's insane! Much like the show, I agree with
Manimal on this one, which is a cross between Felishitty and Grrrrl Power Bruckheimer style. It's mildly entertaining despite its obvious twists and turns and lack of any real character development. Either Sydney or Vaughn screws up, people fight against the constrictions of their face lifts to make an emotion (AKA any emotion), and the Make Up crew go overboard by changing Sydney's hair and giving her different glasses. Oh, the humanity! Still, it's passable entertainment until I decide to splash out on the Angel Series 4 box set (now THAT is a series).
Do the dance of joy, my minions, until next time. This is Tom, signing off!

Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Tipple to Topple

I write to you now having woken up at half past two in the afternoon following a rather large session of Lamb's Navy Rum and Coke. Rum seems to be my new drink for the year due to its nice smooth taste, its quiet spicy kick and the fact that I don't wake up in the morning (or afternoon) with a massive headache and as if vomit has been curdling in my mouth for the past seven hours. Which I think, to be honest, is a plus.
Last night, before the drinking binge that would make the editor of the Daily Mail have an embolism, I took my freshers out for a meal. To clarify, due to the shiny new status of my blog, I was appointed as an Assistant Freshers Rep (someone who helps to look after a motley crew of a dozen or so freshers when they are merely tadpoles in the large murky, foul smelling swamp that is University life). This meal was an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet where the wontons were half cooked, the chicken highly suspicious, the rice quite delightful, and the aromatic duck breathtaking. So a bit of a mixed bag really. Beware the prawn and chicken toast!!!!
The comaraderies built up over our near food poisoning then led to sitting down on a landing with either Post-Its on our heads or my small lil' urchins trying to guess my dirty deeds in an extremely tame version of I Have Never. Fun was not had by all.
Opinion time: 1) Jools Holland is the biggest wanker upon the planet. 2) Robbie Williams and Nellie McKay were gagging to get all nasty on top of Jools' piano. 3) Paul Simonon has gone done severely in my esteem for putting a cigarette behind his ear. Thus, I can only watch Later... while severely restrained by friends so that I don't kick in the TV.
More after the news...

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Stardate... Whatever

Ok. This is officially my second post due to the fact that through sheer incompetence I managed to lose my previous post. And boy did you unlucky readers miss out! It was hilarious! With yaks, Romanian sheperds, Moby Dick references and jokes about my romantic inadequacy (that's right, ladies... romantic not sexual). So rather doing a large pointless introduction I will say this: Read the title of the Blog and then guess what it's about. Well done people. Nice group effort there with some audience participation. So with no further ado, I will try and post this thing and then find something better to do. For example, sit on my bed and read Private Eye. Woo! So until next time and look at my bookmarked sites and say to myself, "Whatever happened to that blog I was writing?", Goodbye!