Adventures of a University Finalist

Monday, October 18, 2004

Does Sydney Bristow Get Hangovers?

Do you remember the old adage - beer before wine feeling fine, wine before beer feeling queer (or maybe I'm horribly paraphrasing here). Well do you think there's one for rum before and after multiple pints... wow it's hard to rhyme stuff with pints... Answers on a postcard, dear readers.
As you can tell from this mildly amusing segue, I was rather inebriated last night due to my playing for my college's Pool E Team (the girl's are the D team- we rock) against a ladies pool team. As many people know, pool is not a sport. It, like darts before it, is an excuse to get drunk, piss around with your mates and, in some cases, crack on to the opposing team's captain. Hilarious antics ensued with muchos muchos alcohol consumption, leading to the e-mailing of said pool captain, sexual advisory (home-made may I add) posters placed around college, and just generally being crude, rude and rather emotional (if you're me).
Got my new internet t-shirt from
Scary Go Round. It's called "The Saddest Wookie" and I doubt that I''l take it off for at least threee days. It is THAT good. I am not looking to the day that I forget to turn it inside out and my wookie fades away in the ether like the Star Wars Christmas Special before him. Life Day! Life Day! The Freaks and Geeks soundtrack arrived today as well. Bad Reputation is going on repeat! I'm also looking forward to imitating Bill's dance moves along to Space Funk. Love it.
Have started to watch Alias after borrowing the guy in the neighbouring room's DVD. How much must the thing cost? Apparently, they did a clip show to save money and then ended up driving a car into a pool (or something) which still cost them a couple of thousand dollars. It's insane! Much like the show, I agree with
Manimal on this one, which is a cross between Felishitty and Grrrrl Power Bruckheimer style. It's mildly entertaining despite its obvious twists and turns and lack of any real character development. Either Sydney or Vaughn screws up, people fight against the constrictions of their face lifts to make an emotion (AKA any emotion), and the Make Up crew go overboard by changing Sydney's hair and giving her different glasses. Oh, the humanity! Still, it's passable entertainment until I decide to splash out on the Angel Series 4 box set (now THAT is a series).
Do the dance of joy, my minions, until next time. This is Tom, signing off!