Adventures of a University Finalist

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I Love the Unknown

Well having noticed how hard it is to write anything interesting about myself when I spend my entire day sat on my arse watching Alias and Futurama. There were also brief breaks for cake. Light yet delicious cake. I have also managed to spend 18 quid on two Clem Snide albums and a EP by them too. If any of you guys haven't heard of the band take a stop at their website. My Favourite Music is constantly on my stereo at the moment due to the fact that 'African Friend' is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Cellos and Richie Valens covers rock the indie casbah that is my heart.
I'd love to just place a little icon telling you guys what I'm currently listening to on this thing, like on my sister's wonderful
blog that should be visited by all, but she's slightly more technically minded than I when it comes to the intermaweb. There's also the rather large problem that nothing stays in my stereo too long. So far today, it's seen the MC5, Ween, Ben Folds Five, Otis Redding and Clem Snide. Evaporated should not be listened to following a break up. Mass hysteria will no doubt ensue.
Have been thinking about doing an article for the college newspaper where I only eat college food for a week (ie no snacking on the wonderful invention that is Topic bars). Like
Super Size Me but the food is more inedible/unidentifiable. Hopefully, I can get my arse in gear and do it. It may be fun... or seriously damaging to my health. Either's good.
Broke my G string (comedy drum roll) on my guitar today whilst tuning it for some random Crowded House song. Damn you Neil Finn and your impeccable voice that can sing in any key! Damn you to the hell where Nick Seymour and Paul Hester now reside.
So my small minions, your leader must depart to his bed and dream of leprechauns and possibly Warwick Davis. You never know.