Adventures of a University Finalist

Thursday, October 28, 2004

My Laptop - The Ticking Timebomb

I do apologise for the lack of posting over the past couple of days. I wrote a magnum opus the other day and was very happy with it but then my laptop decided that it hates me again and froze. Oh, the humanity!
You see my laptop and I have a very fractured history. There was the time that it left me stranded in San Jose to trawl after some cheap Texan tramp. Admittedly I did steal his girlfriend that one time but they were ona break after she found out that he'd been to Hooter's... This has resulted in him functioning perfectly well for about an hour and then pretending to have a fit resulting in my screen being bombarded by pop-ups, most programs ceasing to function, and in me losing half an hour's work. Damn his outdated booty. Damn it to Robot Hell!
Well to be honest, there's not been much to update about my situation except for my new fevered addiction to the song "Look Sharp" by
Joe Jackson. It's just so perfect. However, I did manage to get out last night to an event held at the Union called Back 2 School. Readers, I must tell you that it was not the best of times. There were two blackouts, numerous sound problems, an incoherent DJ set resulting in Disco Inferno being played twice (not a bad thing in itself) and the fact that I was surrounded by drunken couples. Poor, poor, pitiful me.
A plus from yesterday is that I may have snagged a very cool DJ spot on the University radio which will start webcasting sometime next year and when it does there will definitely be a link and lots of advertising of the fact that I rock. That's all for now, folks because I officially spent. See you on the flipside.