Adventures of a University Finalist

Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Sleepy Procrastination Blackout Blues

Well, I''ve finally maaged to drag myself in front of the computer and write something about the past couple of days. To be honest, at the moment, I'm feeling a little funky but sadly not in the Bootsy Baby way. Thus, to amend for my rather messed up physical condition I've been on a spending spree resulting in almost completing my Richard Linklater collection, becoming the owner of two CDs by an obscure Australian version of Aztec Camera, and the purchase of yet another Flamin' Groovies compilation. So now I feel I like I've been punched in the nose and have no money to drown my woes in alcohol. Doh!
The city had a mini blackout the other night resulting in the college being enveloped in darkness for three hours. Sadly, this managed to interrupt my quiz team's winning of the bar quiz resulting in my quiz mates ranting against God, Allah and L. Ron Hubbard for most of the night. I have also managed to discover that the backlight on my new phone can cause extreme retina damage due to the fact that gazing at it in the pitch black is tantamount to staring at the sun. It has two settings: normal and bright. At the moment it's on normal so we fear that any attempt to put it on the bright setting would result in an experience not dissimmilar to a flashbang. Will have to remember that for when the college gets overrun by terrorists. "Eat phone, bitch!" just doesn't sound that impressive though. Will have to work on some more impressive quips. You never know.
Apparently, this is only the
second best website in the universe. I've enjoyed trawling through it's archives if only for headlines such as "Bill O"reilly is a big, blubbering vagina", the webmaster's hilarious hate mail (inane is a word, people!), and for some healthy controversy. Apparently, he's going to hell so if you don't want to join him leave the link alone!
The same goes for
Achewood, a brilliant web comic about cats in thongs who drink martinis, teddy bears in pullovers, and insane serial killers called Nice Pete. There's plenty on the site with Achewood radio, Ray Schmuckle's Advice Page, and blogs for all the main protagonists. Phillippe is a very special boy. Unlike myself, who managed to miss his first Criminal Law tutorial due to a mixture of laziness and general ignorance. Whoops.
Well, this should satisfy you, my faithful audience, for a day or so. Thus, I bid you all a found farweel for I am off to laugh at Jack Black's attempt at Immigrant Song. Sqeaul, fat boy, sqeaul!