Adventures of a University Finalist

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Stardate... Whatever

Ok. This is officially my second post due to the fact that through sheer incompetence I managed to lose my previous post. And boy did you unlucky readers miss out! It was hilarious! With yaks, Romanian sheperds, Moby Dick references and jokes about my romantic inadequacy (that's right, ladies... romantic not sexual). So rather doing a large pointless introduction I will say this: Read the title of the Blog and then guess what it's about. Well done people. Nice group effort there with some audience participation. So with no further ado, I will try and post this thing and then find something better to do. For example, sit on my bed and read Private Eye. Woo! So until next time and look at my bookmarked sites and say to myself, "Whatever happened to that blog I was writing?", Goodbye!