Adventures of a University Finalist

Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Tipple to Topple

I write to you now having woken up at half past two in the afternoon following a rather large session of Lamb's Navy Rum and Coke. Rum seems to be my new drink for the year due to its nice smooth taste, its quiet spicy kick and the fact that I don't wake up in the morning (or afternoon) with a massive headache and as if vomit has been curdling in my mouth for the past seven hours. Which I think, to be honest, is a plus.
Last night, before the drinking binge that would make the editor of the Daily Mail have an embolism, I took my freshers out for a meal. To clarify, due to the shiny new status of my blog, I was appointed as an Assistant Freshers Rep (someone who helps to look after a motley crew of a dozen or so freshers when they are merely tadpoles in the large murky, foul smelling swamp that is University life). This meal was an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet where the wontons were half cooked, the chicken highly suspicious, the rice quite delightful, and the aromatic duck breathtaking. So a bit of a mixed bag really. Beware the prawn and chicken toast!!!!
The comaraderies built up over our near food poisoning then led to sitting down on a landing with either Post-Its on our heads or my small lil' urchins trying to guess my dirty deeds in an extremely tame version of I Have Never. Fun was not had by all.
Opinion time: 1) Jools Holland is the biggest wanker upon the planet. 2) Robbie Williams and Nellie McKay were gagging to get all nasty on top of Jools' piano. 3) Paul Simonon has gone done severely in my esteem for putting a cigarette behind his ear. Thus, I can only watch Later... while severely restrained by friends so that I don't kick in the TV.
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