Adventures of a University Finalist

Saturday, October 30, 2004

You Got Me the Greatest Gift of All... The Complete Boz Scaggs!

Oh my god, very important news. While browsing the really rarther too comprehensive Tv Tome website I found this. Yes, Family Guy is apparently coming back for a fourth season due to the huge demand. Yes, I did sign the petition!
Something else that I managed to find was a brilliant
essay by Joe Jackson on his official website concerning his pro-smoking articles in the Daily Telegraph and his vocal opposition to the smoking bans enforced in New York. It, of course, cannot be taken on its own as any great revelation but it is refreshing to read such an eloquent piece of writing that never descends into cheap shots and partisanship. There's also the fact that this is the man that wrote "Real Men" and "Is She Really Going Out With Him". His Double CD anthology is in the post. So I had better go to sleep because the sooner I do, the sooner it arrives.