Adventures of a University Finalist

Friday, November 19, 2004

I Gave Her My Heart and She Gave Me A Pen

Well, I finally managed to watch the last three quarters of Say Anything (I'm actually not sure if my post on that particular problem made on to the blog - the laptop might have been in one of its moods). It has to be the greatest movie of the 80s and the greatest Romantic Comedy of all time. Screw When Harry Met Sally and screw Nora Ephron. I love WHMS and especially Billy Crystal (Chris Rock as the new MC at the Oscars? *cough* Letterman *cough*) but they have nothing upon the charm, insight and plain wonderfulness of Cameron Crowe's creation. The part of the movie where Diane and Lloyd are lying in their first post-coital embrace in his car and she asks why he's shivering. All he replys is that it's because he's happy. I thought that didn't happen to anybody else. It's such a small detail and it is so perfect that I almost cried which is usually a good sign although the scene where River Phoenix and Judd Hirsch's family start singing along to "Fire and Rain" when they first meet Martha Plimpton at Christine Lahti's birthday party in Running on Empty edges it as heartbreakingly wonderful scenes go. Lumet is a far too unappreciated presence in cinema.
Speaking of shivers I seem to have them myself due to the supreme cold infesting the town at the moment. I may have the flu. I have decided that this sucks because I'm ill but good because I have a reason not to go out on a hideously stupid idea of a bar crawl tomorrow night. I believe that the 7 pounds that I just spent on the
R1 edition of The Sure Thing is a far superior use of my money.
Ted Leo's album,
The Tyranny of Distance arrived the other day and is superb in every degree. A thrity year old branded as a punk by many singing of Daedalus and Telemachus ("My Vien Ilin") and doing an unbelievablely wonderful pastiche of The Boss's lyrical style with an almost complete lack of rhythm section ("Timorous Me"). It's impossible to explain it's wonderfulness but it can be seen to stem from the sheer charisma of Leo, both in his superb range and wonderful knack for a densely layered pop tune.
Managed to uncover
this somewhere... why is my hard drive so small? Why can I not listen to this before it disappears into the ether? Why? It's a great stop-gap until Sheer Heart Attack finally has it's price reduced. I must hear "Brighton Rock". I simply must!
Well on that note of desperation, I shall sign off before my fevered brow becomes slightly more fevered. I hope that none of you are feeling the same way. May you have perfect health, dear readers, so that you may continue to drag yourselves to the computer simply to see my banal opinions and meaningless subjects. Political debate is not my forte...