Adventures of a University Finalist

Monday, November 08, 2004

Lazy Bums Unite

Apologies for the lack of posts lately but, to be frank, my life at the moment has been dry of any real significance or imagination. I was, however, mildly interested in about an incident in Australia regarding Young Liberals posing as Greens to sway them to vote liberal and the resulting backlash. Yes, Ms Fits is brilliant. I wish I could swear like her.
Another interesting issue at the moment has to be
Operation Clark County and the resulting backlash that has been said by some commentators to have led to a 3% swing in favour of Dubya and the Democrats losing Ohio. Grand sweeping statements time again... but it certainly is interesting. Although, maybe not so much for Ian Katz.
That is all. Hopefully, there will be more when my brain begins to function after my week without snacking. The article I suffered so much for sucks so far. Damn.