Adventures of a University Finalist

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Oh, Hiro!

Oh my god... this is why I love the internet. Apparently, it was a bonustrack on the Japanese edition on Rockin' the Suburbs which sadly costs 33 of your Yankee dollars to procure! Tora, Tora, Tora a hole in my wallet why don'tcha? Ahh, the punning.
If you don't know why I'm so excited it's because you didn't spend most of your teenage years completing every character on the wonderful
Bust-A-Groove on the PsOne. Yes, I was easily pleased... and it was "The Bestest Game in the Bestest World". The game had pretty fantastic characters such as the aliens called "Capoeira", the gas mask wearing "Gas-O", the hardcore gangsta "Strike" (well not really... but he does get in a firefight with the police at the end of his story), and my personal favourite "Hiro", the Travolta wannabe. Ah, the penny drops. Yes, it appears that Ben has covered Hiro's theme tune - The Natural Playboy. "I left my family for the secretary". The dirty whore. Sadly, my computer has a grudge against me the size of something that is very big and won't let me download it.
So as I lie here in this torment of wanting to hear what may be the greatest cover of all time I must also leave you dear readers for I have not much else to say. Goodnight sweet peons. Goodnight.