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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Who'd Win a Bitch Fight between Priscilla Presley and Diana Krall?

Today's post is a little Elvis orientated due to my managing to retrieve my copy of Armed Forces by the rather wonderful Mr Costello (Two Little Hitlers has to one of my favourite songs ever) and watch my copy of Bubba Ho-Tep for the first time a couple of days ago.
Firstly, Bubba Ho-Tep is magnificent. When I read reviews of it I was worried that the reviewer had been blinded by the force of pure charisma that is
Bruce Campbell, the man who, despite only appearing in it for a minute, made Spiderman 2 a bearable experience. I was also rather weary after viewing the director Don Coscarelli's filmography that includes Phantasm and Beastmaster III. I'd been disappointed before with critically acclaimed independent ventures such as Roger Dodger. However, Bubba Ho-Tep is wonderful in every department. The story is sharp without any unnecessary padding, such as the Mummy's story, which allows it to become a vignette of sort; a character study of Elvis in his twilight years. Campbell is supported brilliantly by Ossie Davis (who I loved in Get on the Bus) who plays a black JFK who lives surrounded by models of his own assassination and in constant fear of LBJ coming to finish the job he started. There are the natural schlock horror conventions but this is kept to a minimum and mainly replaced with a mixture of pathos, slapstick and the bittersweet. The self-knowing one liners that could have littered and ultimately ruined the script are kept to a perfect amount and are delivered in such a natural fashion that you can't help but smile where you would normally groan.
Coscarelli does a great job reigning in his natural impulses and except for the hilariously erratic scene where the scarab attacks Elvis the film doesn't ever seem forced. Actually thinking about it now I do find myself thinking of moments in the film and just marvel at their ingenuity and often their compassion as well. I usually say that Elvis Costello is the true King of Rock n' Roll but maybe I was wrong...
On the other hand, my wonderful sister has given me the task of thinking of my ten favourite
Buffy episodes for a marathon that we're having over the summer. As any fan of a show with around four excellent series this is quite the task. From the first season you have to include "The Puppet Show" not only because of a certain randy Demon Hunter but also the wonderful ending. Was it avant-garde? Moving on to Season 2 there has to be "Ted" in honour of the sadly missed John Ritter, "Innocence" for the return of Brian Thompson (and the hilarity of his death), "Passion" although that may require a truckload of Kleenex, and "Becoming Part 2" for obvious reasons. Season 3 brings us to "Band Candy" with the hilarious regressed Principal Snyder, "Lover's Walk" my personal favourite and "The Zeppo" because that was the episode that turned me into a diehard fan forever. Season 4 has "New Moon Rising" vital for my current emotional state. And then finally there's "The Body" the best 45 minutes of television ever. Fact. I wish Joss had been experimental more often.
There's a large formal gathering this evening that I must sit on my butt in preparation for so i must now bid you all adieu. Maybe I will have some more tales for you tomorrow!