Adventures of a University Finalist

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Big Chill Pill

Well, I have returned. Bruised and bloodied from the Christmas festivities but still here for your various sordid pleasures. But somehow I have managed to lose all desire to write anything about my activities over these past days because they're really rather boring. However, I have managed to plan an interesting New Year's Eve by returning to my old spawning ground on the battleground that is the Essex-Herts border. I might get my drink spiked with cocaine. Mmmmm. Or possibly get in a fight with some drunken louts I knew when I was ten. Oh happy day! At least it'll be an interesting night for once and I may be able to rub in my success in people's faces. I've never done it before but people tell me its an experience they never forget. Much like beating up a midget. Maybe there'll be midgets there and I can do both! Oh, what a night, as Frankie Valli would say. And on that sweet piece of MOR bliss (that got ruined by those bastards Clock) I bid you adieu.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Alexander Graham Bell Meet Pandora's Box

Oh how I loathe phones and the need to communicate via them. It's the only thing upon the planet that can make two people who really want to see each other but aren't anywhere near the point of a relationship where they will want to use words much as "miss", "think", "always" or "l-o-v-e" (there's a six month waiting list on that last one, at the very least) so one ends up saying "It's been nice talking to you". My desire to lob my mobile out of a second story window at that point suddenly became rather rational at that point. This wasn't what was said but rather that we were forced into such banal pleasantries reserved for senile aunts and telemarketers . How people can spend hours upon end talking on the things is beyond me. I just can't rely upon just one sense when communicating to another human being. I have the need for contact (preferable cuddles in some cases) and to see their expressions and quirks. Only hearing them reminds me of these personal things all the more.
Well, Christmas is approaching. All the Christmas shopping is done and all I'm worried about now is that my Dad will feel slightly cheated by the quality of his present so I'll have to make up for that with an "impulse" buy for him at HMV. I've already been on a bit of a spending spree at Amazon so the cash flow emanating from relatives has already been depleted by necesssary CD purchases. Regina Spektor for six quid. Get in there!!!!!!
Carrie, my sister, has arrived and all has returned to a pleasant state of normal except for exceptionally early bed times. I won't tell you what I mean by normal because I know that she'll read this and has the ability to beat me up so I'll keep it "Hush, hush. On the Q-T" until she's at least 10,000 miles away.
So here's wishing you a debauched holiday season until I return, dear readers. I'd get you all Christmas presents but is my artistic muse not enough for you, you disgusting leeches of the artistic soul!? Well, maybe a little Christmas card then...

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Is it Hewey, Huwie or Huey?

Hello readers, it's my Gene Siskel impersonation today! No, I'm not pretending to be dead but rather do a small movie review of the 70's classic Silent Running. I've meant to watch it ever since Dad told me about it around six years ago mainly due to the fact that it contains three robots called Huey, Duey and Louey. And the man who shot John Wayne in the back: Bruce Dern. I must say that I rather enjoyed it and despite its obvious dated appearance I became very accustomed to the cute lil' midgets walking around with cardborad boxes on their heads. Not much happens and the score is awful (Joan Baez caterwauling through some form of overzealous protest song about trees and flowers) but Dern manages to carve out a surprising amount of depth from what is a rather one-dimensional character. The poker scene, despite the fact that it contains a man and two mute robots, has so many glistening touches and such a delightful sense of humour that it has to be one of the best that I've seen in a while. The ending is heartbreaking and I feel that if you find the DVD on the cheap you should sample its wonders. Why did people, such as a certain Mr Knowles, lavish such praise on the massive dog turd unveiled by Soderbergh known as Solaris and such a gorgeous film as this must remain a cult. Maybe its due to the film's quiet atmosphere and unassuming nature. Maybe it's because the main character is called "Freeman Lowell". I never understood 2001 either but at least that had an artistry to it that can never be denied.
However, what is with 70's trailers? Why put them on the DVDs? They are abysmal. I had to turn off the DVD player halway through Silent Running's before it (i) gave away the entire plot (ii) made me rip the speakers out of my TV or (iii) blinded me with its gaudy subtitles. *Sigh*
Today has been very unproductive except from the sending of my present to my girlfriend and a card to my ex. The Christmas shopping is now complete as well although I will still probably be dragged out shopping. I now have a large dislike for the overpriced nature of the high street and feel the urge to run into the welcoming arms of eBay and the Amazon Marketplace forever. Two rare Silver Sun albums for eight quid. That, my dear readers, is a bargain. You should try it yourself some time.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Home on the Range... Where the Badgers Frolic!

Yes, delightful simpletons, I have returned to my Berkshire abode and have already managed to notice that the colour scheme of my blog (known as "Dots") is utterly revolting on a decent screen. I'd change it but all the other schemes are even worse. I will have to get my Antipodean excuse for a sibling to help me change it when she arrives via Dubai.
On the plus side, I can download the music I've been eyeing up on all
those wonderfully tantalising music blogs. I've already received the bounty of Clarence Carter and Sufjan Stevens from them. Soulseek has placed Silver Sun, A.C. Newman, The New Pornographers, Velvet Crush, Bergen White, The Lucksmiths, Zumpano, Beulah and Cheap Trick in my rather large beige stocking as well. I feel festivally blessed as you can tell from all those links (just realised that typing "new pornographers" in Google was rather risky).
My girlfriend bought me the
McFly CD for Christmas because I inadvisably attempted to play her Five Colurs in Her Hair after having a bottle of wine. And I have three words to describe it. Best. Present. Ever. It makes me kind of bouncy so am making her a power pop mix tape for her birthday/Christmas. It's not an attempt to convert to the wonders of shoegazing or Death Cab for Cutie.. that would be (i) an unmitigated disaster (ii) impossible because I don't own any DCFC and (iii) annoying because then I wouldn't be able to include any of The Monkees or The Knack. Severely underrated wonders that they be. When it's done I'll post the final masterpiece up on AOTM.
Right I am off to pogo to "I Want You to Want Me" live at the Budokan for the the millionth time. Dear readers, you must try it. It is just divine!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Finger Is Officially Being Pulled Out

Sorry, sweet readers of the tawdry uninteresting piece of work that you know as my blog! I feel as if I have abandoned you with my severe lack of posting. I do not know how this situation has escalated so badly but I've finally plonked my butt down and ready for a good gossip.
Well, this is a very special episode of the Uni Finalist because it's the first written where I am no longer a single man. Yes I have put the dirty dealings of singledom behind me and feel absolutely wonderful for having done so. It's kind of bizarre how these things happen in the University environment though. I'd seen my girlfriend around college, met her briefly at an event at the Union and apparently watched a movie with her (I managed not to notice she was there). However, one quite tipsy moment later followed by a really rather strange turn of events and lots of late night chats accompanied by cuddles (no that's not a euphemism you sick and twisted people). Et voila! Goodbye more moody, X-Box addicted dullard, hello shiny happy me. Well I'd be slightly more happy if I didn't have an essay on interest group relations in the EU due in tomorrow. Argh!
Am currently procrastinating and checking out some
great Aussie blogs and being genuinely touched by my sister's ode to me (I wrote a novella? What the hell was it about?). I do indeed rock but not as much as she does. She even puts up with me when I write many swear words in capitals on MSN Messenger in my conversations when she's supposed to be working.
Also, just remembered, have officially got a radio show on Monday 10-11 GMT on Purple FM. Will put up a link when there is one. Apparently, my show is nu-soul/hip hop... I think that I may have to put a stop to that. How does a demo of Otis Redding, James Brown, De La Soul and Elvis Costello amount to nu-soul? I do like
D'Angelo though...
I believe that that is enough venting of the proverbial spleen because I must go vent something else. A bottle of wine the night before appears to make me irregular. Toodles and hopefully the wait will be less arduous next time.