Adventures of a University Finalist

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Alexander Graham Bell Meet Pandora's Box

Oh how I loathe phones and the need to communicate via them. It's the only thing upon the planet that can make two people who really want to see each other but aren't anywhere near the point of a relationship where they will want to use words much as "miss", "think", "always" or "l-o-v-e" (there's a six month waiting list on that last one, at the very least) so one ends up saying "It's been nice talking to you". My desire to lob my mobile out of a second story window at that point suddenly became rather rational at that point. This wasn't what was said but rather that we were forced into such banal pleasantries reserved for senile aunts and telemarketers . How people can spend hours upon end talking on the things is beyond me. I just can't rely upon just one sense when communicating to another human being. I have the need for contact (preferable cuddles in some cases) and to see their expressions and quirks. Only hearing them reminds me of these personal things all the more.
Well, Christmas is approaching. All the Christmas shopping is done and all I'm worried about now is that my Dad will feel slightly cheated by the quality of his present so I'll have to make up for that with an "impulse" buy for him at HMV. I've already been on a bit of a spending spree at Amazon so the cash flow emanating from relatives has already been depleted by necesssary CD purchases. Regina Spektor for six quid. Get in there!!!!!!
Carrie, my sister, has arrived and all has returned to a pleasant state of normal except for exceptionally early bed times. I won't tell you what I mean by normal because I know that she'll read this and has the ability to beat me up so I'll keep it "Hush, hush. On the Q-T" until she's at least 10,000 miles away.
So here's wishing you a debauched holiday season until I return, dear readers. I'd get you all Christmas presents but is my artistic muse not enough for you, you disgusting leeches of the artistic soul!? Well, maybe a little Christmas card then...