Adventures of a University Finalist

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Big Chill Pill

Well, I have returned. Bruised and bloodied from the Christmas festivities but still here for your various sordid pleasures. But somehow I have managed to lose all desire to write anything about my activities over these past days because they're really rather boring. However, I have managed to plan an interesting New Year's Eve by returning to my old spawning ground on the battleground that is the Essex-Herts border. I might get my drink spiked with cocaine. Mmmmm. Or possibly get in a fight with some drunken louts I knew when I was ten. Oh happy day! At least it'll be an interesting night for once and I may be able to rub in my success in people's faces. I've never done it before but people tell me its an experience they never forget. Much like beating up a midget. Maybe there'll be midgets there and I can do both! Oh, what a night, as Frankie Valli would say. And on that sweet piece of MOR bliss (that got ruined by those bastards Clock) I bid you adieu.