Adventures of a University Finalist

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Finger Is Officially Being Pulled Out

Sorry, sweet readers of the tawdry uninteresting piece of work that you know as my blog! I feel as if I have abandoned you with my severe lack of posting. I do not know how this situation has escalated so badly but I've finally plonked my butt down and ready for a good gossip.
Well, this is a very special episode of the Uni Finalist because it's the first written where I am no longer a single man. Yes I have put the dirty dealings of singledom behind me and feel absolutely wonderful for having done so. It's kind of bizarre how these things happen in the University environment though. I'd seen my girlfriend around college, met her briefly at an event at the Union and apparently watched a movie with her (I managed not to notice she was there). However, one quite tipsy moment later followed by a really rather strange turn of events and lots of late night chats accompanied by cuddles (no that's not a euphemism you sick and twisted people). Et voila! Goodbye more moody, X-Box addicted dullard, hello shiny happy me. Well I'd be slightly more happy if I didn't have an essay on interest group relations in the EU due in tomorrow. Argh!
Am currently procrastinating and checking out some
great Aussie blogs and being genuinely touched by my sister's ode to me (I wrote a novella? What the hell was it about?). I do indeed rock but not as much as she does. She even puts up with me when I write many swear words in capitals on MSN Messenger in my conversations when she's supposed to be working.
Also, just remembered, have officially got a radio show on Monday 10-11 GMT on Purple FM. Will put up a link when there is one. Apparently, my show is nu-soul/hip hop... I think that I may have to put a stop to that. How does a demo of Otis Redding, James Brown, De La Soul and Elvis Costello amount to nu-soul? I do like
D'Angelo though...
I believe that that is enough venting of the proverbial spleen because I must go vent something else. A bottle of wine the night before appears to make me irregular. Toodles and hopefully the wait will be less arduous next time.