Adventures of a University Finalist

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Home on the Range... Where the Badgers Frolic!

Yes, delightful simpletons, I have returned to my Berkshire abode and have already managed to notice that the colour scheme of my blog (known as "Dots") is utterly revolting on a decent screen. I'd change it but all the other schemes are even worse. I will have to get my Antipodean excuse for a sibling to help me change it when she arrives via Dubai.
On the plus side, I can download the music I've been eyeing up on all
those wonderfully tantalising music blogs. I've already received the bounty of Clarence Carter and Sufjan Stevens from them. Soulseek has placed Silver Sun, A.C. Newman, The New Pornographers, Velvet Crush, Bergen White, The Lucksmiths, Zumpano, Beulah and Cheap Trick in my rather large beige stocking as well. I feel festivally blessed as you can tell from all those links (just realised that typing "new pornographers" in Google was rather risky).
My girlfriend bought me the
McFly CD for Christmas because I inadvisably attempted to play her Five Colurs in Her Hair after having a bottle of wine. And I have three words to describe it. Best. Present. Ever. It makes me kind of bouncy so am making her a power pop mix tape for her birthday/Christmas. It's not an attempt to convert to the wonders of shoegazing or Death Cab for Cutie.. that would be (i) an unmitigated disaster (ii) impossible because I don't own any DCFC and (iii) annoying because then I wouldn't be able to include any of The Monkees or The Knack. Severely underrated wonders that they be. When it's done I'll post the final masterpiece up on AOTM.
Right I am off to pogo to "I Want You to Want Me" live at the Budokan for the the millionth time. Dear readers, you must try it. It is just divine!