Adventures of a University Finalist

Monday, January 03, 2005

The Man Who Knew Too Much About Music

I fear that I may be becoming a music snob. This comes from an incident where my sister put the O.C. Mix Vol. 2 on in the car which resulted me in snapping that I was sick of the Thrills and being very moody for the rest of the journey home. This may be due to the fact that (i) she was willing to allow Love's Forever Changes, one of the most important albums in my life, to rattle around the glovebox without a case (the 8th deadly sin in my book) or (ii) my general distaste for such a commercialist "indie" compilation. It's full of trendy, non-offensive indie bands such Death Cab for Cutie and the Killers, has-beens such as The Eels (this coming from someone who has four of their albums) and never-weres who always seem to crop up on these things. And it's all so second-rate! The SFA song is a bland country ramble, the Killers song dull compared to their magnificent singles, the Death Cab song is well named, and the Walkmen tune makes me wonder how I was so taken with the Blizzard of '69. And what the hell is up with it being a live track. Does this make the CD somehow more definitive? Personally even if the compilation had stuck with the same bands, Northern Lites, Mr Brightside, Blacking Out the Friction and The Rat would have served it much better. There was just no change of pace! Still, Beulah are a real find. Argh, this has managed to turn into a rather cumbersome review. I just find this whole "indie = cool" equation rather nauseating. I prefer the ability to listen to something as relaxed as Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac and then bounce around to Zumpano rather than plain soulless cack that was on a TV show once.
Bought This Diary Will Change Your Life 2005 yesterday. So today I'm supposed to promote it. So go buy it at Methvens because it's only a tenner. Apparently, on the 5th I'm supposed to eat part of a loved one and on the 7th emigrate to New Zealand. Hmmmmmmmm. Benrik are really on to something wonderful here I think.
Bought Norwegian Wood by one of the author's who has interested me for a long time, Haruki Marukami, for 99p from Ottakars. Have got about 150 pages in and it is magnificent. If there's an Ottakars near you try and hunt it down. It's worth it. Also, A Girl Called Eddy, The Futureheads and Regina Spektor have to be neck and neck as producing the best album of the year. Go purchase them, readers. For they are the future of tomorrow!!!! Or something like that.