Adventures of a University Finalist

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Tiresome Lament of the Weary Cowboy

Sounds like a pulp novel, doesn't it, readers? What do you mean it doesn't! Well, I guess you have a point. Maybe they'd sell at the back of some rundown sex shop in Scarborough if I put the words "bulging" and "voluptuous" in enough. Speaking of disgusting hedonism masquerading as wholesome family entertainment - Erasure. Somehow my girlfriend backwardly persuaded me to track down some old tracks (completely legally, of course) and it is nowhere as good as I remember it was when I listened to it with the 6 foot ginger, porno mo' sporting, Falkirk supporting father of my best friend when I was seven. Ah, memories. It's all horrible, tinny blips and Andy Bell just sounds like a limited, camp version of that lovely David Gahan. Sometimes is still a cracking tune and I am secretly glad that something so triumphantly uncool (I mean Jeremy Vine likes them, for god's sake) can reach no. 4 in the charts. Or is that horrified? For some reason, the words "Fast Food Rockers and 3 of a Kind - the true Axis of Evil" keep going through my head.
Have been pointed in the direction of one of those horribly flawed music recommendation engines. As in you listen to music, the program records your preferences and then recommends new music to you. It rarely updates, none of the other users like Wishbone Ash, and I really don't need pointing into new creatively shallow depths (White Stripes - been there, bought the t-shirt, gave the t-shirt to Oxfam). It's still rather addictive though.
My fingers are dancing upon the keyboard. I think that I'm getting back into the groove, dear subscribers to my simple artist's heart. I'll stop here with you salivating like Pavlov's cute Russkie puppies but will return soon hopefully.
Postscript: In adding the links to this meisterwork, saw that Jeremy Vine played a track off Jordan: The Comeback along with Squeeze, Aretha, and that rather lovely Thirteen Senses single on his show today. I apologise, Jeremy, you are now upgraded in my opinion to annoying tosser. Which is more than can be said for that beezlebub of radio, Steve Wright. I try not to swear on my blog, due to the small toddlers enthralled with my witty prose, but that man is a fucking cunt.