Adventures of a University Finalist

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Imagine the situation: you haven't written your blog for two weeks following promises of constant updates and then one morning you are revitalised by a thought that enters your head one dark, dank and rainy morning whilst struggling to get out of bed to attend what will most certainly be the most deathly boring seminar upon the planet. What could such a thought be? A plan for world peace? A great lyric? A past experience? A kick-ass recipe for chilli con carne? Or... whether toast is really a race of sentient beings that once founded a nation on a small island of New Zealand called toastania?
Yes it's true. You are reading this due to my ruminations upon the toastanians (that's they're rather inventive name) during my 20 minute walk to my department - their hunter gatherer lifestyle, their complete inability to move and how this would effect mating rituals and whether marmalade is merely a rather chunky war paint. I felt galvanised into action but now a lot of my hypothesises about toasties really being some form of orgy seem a little silly.
However, having seen that the small encrusted brown people are a literary dead-end due to their being a pile of bloody nonsense, I can give you a brief overview of what's been going on in the life of the Finalist. I've played a lot of Pro Evolution Soccer with my mates, done a lot more work than I did first term, gotten severely into Stevie Ray Vaughan, Abba and The Byrds, chickened out of performing at the college's open mic night at the last minute for the fourth time running, and started my radio show which is going rather well two weeks in. You can check out the playlists on Art of the Mix - each with the title Samplified. That is about it really. I would love to hand out some amusing anecdotes on life gained from my return to Uni life but there aren't any except for my continued immunity to sambuca, distaste for the relative blandness of Team America and disbelief that my landing mates haven't bludgeoned me to death for playing Love Struck Baby for the millionth time. Ah, the simple things in life (as well as the most intoxicating) are often the best, readers. Remember that.