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Friday, March 11, 2005

The Drink Driving Rhinestone Cowboy Himself

Glen Campbell - Sunflower

My word, this is a wonderful song. Penned by Neil Diamond, a man whose music I'm not a huge fan of (except Cherry, Cherry) and sung by one of my all time favourite singers - it's just such an infectious little country ditty that wakes you up and makes you want to run outside giggling like a schoolgirl. Well, at least that's what it does to me. It's a known hangover cure too.
Glen Campbell first came to my attention when I mistakenly watched his star vehicle Norwood and when some music journalist said that Wichita Lineman says more with its simple wordplay and delicate melodies than the convoluted rhymes of Dylan could ever evoke. He's right, by the way. The anthology that Sunflower is taken off, The Capitol Years 65/77, is definitely worth checking out for both Glen Campbell's superb interpretations of classics such as Reason to Believe, his work with Jimmy Webb and the best cut - a Brian Wilson cut entitled Guess I'm Dumb. Sadly, the man seems to have gone off the rails himself turning into a drunk driver, renting out his house to The Surreal Life and becoming Alice Cooper's golf buddy. However, the music he made still stands up.
Bleurgh. Went out to the "Sportsman's Ball" last night and now feel ill from over-consumption of alcohol and as a result am going to stay in and watch Napoleon Dynamite or Saw. Why I pay money to go to a poor excuse for a school disco is beyond me. Food was good though despite the inability to taste due to the destruction of tastebuds by cheap German lager.
Note: On Neil Diamond - two points must be made. 1) Why is he so turgid in The Last Waltz? Why didn't he do Crunchy Granola? How much bottom would that have kicked? A lot methinks. 2) Why am I so fascinated by the cover of Hot August Night? How cool is that pose?

Buy - Glen Campbell - The Capitol Years 65/77