Adventures of a University Finalist

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Holy Moly!

Has it really been since Valentine's Day since I posted! I'm a very naughty boy and even naughtier as this is going to be very short. Work has cuaght up with me in a rather severe way not due to my laziness but rather that I'm actually doing it when I'm supposed to! The time depleting exercise of music blog searching doesn't help either. Actually, am considering doing a bit of that old business on here! Should be fun and give this thing a bit more purpose than the usual "saw this movie and it was rather fun" nonsense. Although... I did revisit the wonders of Punch Drunk Love recently in the company of my lovely lady friend and it was extremely enjoyable. Especially when the rather excellent Mr Sandler can't find his way back to Emily Watson's room for the goodnight kiss she has promised him and when he beats the pulp out of the four Utah rednecks with a crowbar. Paul Thomas Anderson - please make another film soon! Adios.. for now. On my return, there may be sweet music and pretty pictures!