Adventures of a University Finalist

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Let the Hormones Roll!

The Knack - (She's So) Selfish
The Knack - Good Girls Don't

Yet again, I am late with my post but this is due to packing of stuff before I leave in two days. All my CDs are in boxes except my beautiful big orange CD wallet. It's cut down my selection for today but I've managed to find two more power pop nuggets by one of the 70s most hyped bands. The Knack are best known for their classic tune 'My Sharona' thanks to Ben Stiller's Reality Bites and Winona Ryder's 7/11 dance-a-thon.
These two tracks are taken off their debut album 'Get the Knack' - one of the only ones centred around a lead singer's fascination with a piece of jailbait named Sharona. However, despite their self-centred nature, misogynist lyrics and macho posturing they show the band's knack (no pun intended) for great hooks and killer riffs. Doug Fieger's stuttering vocal style really adds to the mix too. Although, they couldn't keep up the tempo for any of their subsequent albums but their first is well worth a gander.
Well, it's off to bed in preparation of a lovely day of playing 'Removal Men' tomorrow. Maybe it'll give me some ideas regarding my future career path after graduation. Enjoy the wonderful guilty pleasure that is flagrant narcissism.

Buy - The Knack - Get the Knack