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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Promise Broken, Reparations Made

The Raspberries - Ecstasy
The Raspberries - Overnight Sensation

Apologies for the lateness of this post but the important matter of work raised its ugly head yet again. However, I'm attempting to make up for it by posting two songs by power pop legends The Raspberries.
The Raspberries came out of Cleveland, Ohio in the early 70s, attempted to change the world with four fantastic British Invasion influenced albums (recorded for prosperity on the Power Pop Vols 1 & 2), realised that the world preferred Meatloaf and then Eric Carmen left to birth the beautiful monster that is All By Myself.
These two tracks are taken off the Best Of released as part of the Capitol Collector's Series which was an impulse buy after seeing a random sidenote in Mojo. Since then it has stayed in my CD wallet throughout my stay at Uni from dancing around the room to 'Last Dance' in the first year to lying on my bed moping post-breakup with 'Hard to get Over the Heartbreak' belting out the speakers.
'Overnight Sensation' has to be one of the most ironic statements in pop history as I do believe it was as high that they got on the singles chart briefly before they called it quits. It's a fantastic tune that shows that The Raspberries should be viewed as a seminal cult band on par with other acts like the Flamin' Groovies.
Bedazzled! has a great video of the boys performing 'Go All The Way' in concert that should still be up but if it isn't contact me and I'll try and send it to you as it has to be seen to be believed. Now that that's done it's back to the grind sadly but expect another post tomorrow.

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