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Friday, April 29, 2005

The Australian Robin Trower 'Cept Less Wanky

Even - In Stereo (Rubber Records, 1996)
Even - 24 Hour Cynic

Even - Come Again (Rubber Records, 1997)
Even - No Surprises

Even - A Different High (Rubber Records, 2001)
Even - Shining Star

Even - The Street Press Years (Rubber Records, 2003)
Even - I Have Nothing

Just what the doctor ordered - Australian power trios with an obvious debt to Britpop moving towards 60's mod and psychedelica in their later albums (although I haven't heard the LP they released last year 'Free Kicks' which may just be like Jet for all I know).
'In Stereo' was their first EP and features the rather rough and enjoyably scuzzy '24 Hour Cynic'that verges on grunge. Not all that remarkable beginnings you'll agree. However, when by the time they'd reached their 2nd LP 'Come Again' they were releasing compact and accomplished power pop with the best being the single (as is often the case) 'No Surprises' with its simple and repetitive, yet enduringly catchy, riff. This format is honed and subsequently bettered on 'I Have Nothing' that I sadly don;t have any more information on due to my leaving the case at home. Oh fie on you gods of easily breakable plastic casing! Do not offer me the foul pretender - the digipak - in penance! The song is a personal favourite, by the way. Finally, we come to the rather baroque 'Shining Star' with its simple acoustic chord progression embellished by strings and Ashley Naylor's laconic vocalisations which has an especially nice instrumental break around the two minute mark. The harmonising's pretty good too.
Even may not quite be the best in the really rather fertile Australian music industry but they do show that it has a lot more depth and edge than people normally attribute it. They also have a song called 'We Are the Purple Nazz' which as a huge Todd Rundgren fan instantly endears me to them.
Right, it's a beautiful day outside and I must bid adieu to go sunbathing on the roof with my copy of Private Eye whilst listening to 80s Blondie medleys (thank you thank you thank you SVC).

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