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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Funk Soul Cover Brother Bad Mothers

The Isley Brothers - Givin' It Back (Legacy, 1997)
The Isley Brothers - Fire and Rain
The Isley Brothers - Lay Lady Lay
The Isley Brothers - Spill the Wine

What do you get when you combine an acoustic covers album with one of soul's greatest voices and his two rather talented brothers? Why, you get a 10 minute long, sex personified workout of a Dylan classic, the definitive version of one of mainstream folk's anthems (plus an amazing ethereal intro that defies any rational description beyond gibbering and pointing in random directions), and cover that manages to give the kings of the Barrios, War, a run for their money although that may be because Ronald puts in a little more effort than Eric Burdon ever did.
Givin' It Back is one of my favourite albums of all time, despite its relative brevity (7 tracks hence my not uploading any more) and when the CD finally breaks from overuse/wear and tear I will weep like a small girl with pigtails until Amazon sends me a shiny new copy. For those who know the Brothers Isley only for 'Summer Breeze', 'Shout' and Mr Big (*sigh*) checking out these tracks is a necessity. As is taking a peek at their new Isley Brothers remix album, Taken to the Next Phase, which looks very interesting and will hopefully introduce more to their pretty amazing musical journey from rock n' roll to smoooooth yet funky soul.
And for those who somehow haven't been pointed its way before, Liza at Copy, Right has the the definitive covers music blog with other nowhere close except the guilty pleasure of Coverville's Podcasts. Right, I must be off to continue grading my mp3 library on iTunes. There seem to be too many five stars but then again I have little quality control. There's an advertisement for this blog if I ever heard one...

Buy - The Isley Brothers - Givin' It Back
Visit - The Isley Brothers at Legacy Recordings