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Monday, April 25, 2005

So Alan Parker Doesn't Destroy Everyone's Careers After All...

The Frames - Burn the Maps (Plateau Records, 2005)
The Frames - Fake
The Frames - Ship Caught in the Bay
The Frames - Locusts

Thank you, Simon from SVC for you introduced me to my new favourite band, The Frames (along with Tegan & Sara, the Ska-Talites and Rilo Kiley). Sadly, due to my silly scruples and moral high ground I can only include tracks off the only Frames album I own - their latest offering 'Burn the Maps'. Their live album 'Set List' is on my must-buy list too though if only for the mind-blowing performances of 'God Bless Mom' and the epic 'Fitzcarraldo'.
The band is led by ex-Commitments member Glen Hansard (he plays the wiry dark haired busker turned rhythm guitarist) the Irish foursome have been compared to Snow Patrol, Coldplay and Radiohead which is easily translated into noiseniks with a pop sensibility that people mistake for mainstream far too often. According to one particularly idiotic Amazon reviewer, the album is termed as aimed at teenyboppers. Have a listen to the album closer 'Locusts' and then laugh your arse off at such tarring with a particularly large brush.
'Fake' is the "single" with the old standard of slow verse, fast chorus method that has worked so well for so many others with a lyric whose constrained nature does sadly remind me of 'Spitting Games'. 'Ship Caught in the Bay' pulls off a instrumentation quite similar to a track by the Roots with a minimalist looped backdrop followed by the song kicking into some breakbeat drums not quite worthy of ?uestlove but similar. The previously mentioned 'Locusts' is another minimalist number with acoustic guitar, ghostly feedback noises and a rather lovely piano part drifting in halfway through. Something for everybody then.
In other news, I have returned to University for my very last term. I'm not actually sure what I'm going to do with the blog's title when I get out of here. I might just change 'Uni to ex-Uni'. Yes, I am lazy. As a result of my return, in the next two months posting may be slightly irregular but not too bad hopefully. Thanks to the boys at PCL Linkdump for putting me on their Links. I am not worthy. On that self-deprecating note, ta ta for now. Look forward to some Isley Brothers next time if I can find it.

Buy - The Frames - Burn the Maps
Visit - The Frames