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Monday, May 09, 2005

Doo-Wop Doo-Wop Baby

Steve Poltz - One Left Shoe (Mercury, 1998)

Steve Poltz - Impala
Steve Poltz - I Thought I Saw You Last Night
Steve Poltz - Everything About You

This post is going to be simple and sweet - both musically and writing wise. Steve Poltz is an American singer-songwriter with a unique lyrical voice that embraces humour but doesn't let his song's descend into cheap caricature who came to people's attention due to his relationship, both musically and romantically, with Jewel Kilcher, the people's poet herself.
'Impala' and 'I Thought I Saw You Last Night' are both as a result of this writing collaboration with Jewel and thus feature her unusally high pitched vocals (not usually the case I thought). 'Impala' is a personal favourite of mine due to both associations with my sister (twas a favourite of hers too) and it's strange yet strangely satisfying stream of conciousness lyrics, somewhat similar to songs like Prefab Sprout's 'Faron Young'. It's coyness is accompanied by subtle strings and nice brass riff make it almost a modern take on doo wop that make it a nice warm song to cuddle up to. 'Everything About You' is a simple acoustic song that's sweet not saccharine lyric just really appeals to any romantic's sensibilities and has you just smiling at the sentiment it carries within it. Lovely.
If you like these tracks, go to Poltz's site. He may no longer be on a major label and thankfully doesn;t seem to be associated with Jewel since she went dance pop and started getting her boobs out. The site is very nice and has some more tracks off My Left Shoe for download as well as some excellent cuts off his latest disc 'Chinese Vacation' including the title track that just makes me really laugh out loud. It seems like he was on this year's 2005 SXSW line up too so I'm glad that he's still touring and doing well.
Enjoy my brethren. Feast upon the acoustic loveliness and then maybe pick up the album. It was very cheap on Amazon UK like all good albums seem to be...

Visit - Steve Poltz
Buy - One Left Shoe