Adventures of a University Finalist

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Fez are Fez-tive! Exams Are Not

No posts until Saturday or Sunday. Sorry but the revision has to be done for my two Law exams on Friday and Saturday where I get to discuss questions such as "If conjoined twins bought a house but only signed legal title in the name of one then which one does the better Tommy Cooper impersonation?" Let's just hope I don't write "Neither" and then proceed to bang my head against the table until an invigilator begins to smack me on the back with a ruler.
Note: Using basic HTML, I've set up a neat looking little "Now Playing" section. Woo! I am slowly learning this business and the blog is beginning to look rather pretty. I've added a Bloglines button to the bottom of the sidebar too so that you can subscribe if so inclined. If you join, you'll constitute half the readership on Bloglines who aren't myself or my sister. Go ahead. Achieve something today.