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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Five Guys Walk Into A Bar... Ouch (Pt 2)


The Faces - Five Guys Walk Into A Bar (Rhino, 2004)

The Faces - Gettin' Hungry
The Faces - Around the Plynth/Gasoline Alley (Live)
The Faces - Open to Ideas
The Faces - Stay With Me (Live)
The Faces - The Stealer (Live)

First thing s first, thanks go out to Jack (not Jason as previously reported due to my being an idiot) at Revolution in the Head for highlighting the blog. At first, I was a little blase about the whole thing (as you can see from my rather um... arrogant comment) but now am eternally grateful to him. I have comments! Halle-bloody-lujah!
Speaking of comments, one anonymous commenter stated that Rod Stewart ruined the Small Faces. I've already contributed my two cents/pence to that but just to reiterate. The Small Faces were the greatest Mod band of the 60s. The Faces were the greatest rock band of the 70s. The two statements are not mutually exclusive and to say such things just because you dislike Rod Stewart is an insult to the rest of the boys especially Ronnie Lane, the main force behind both bands. Anyway, Humble Pie kinda sucked from what I've heard of them. Prove me wrong.
These tracks I've posted are all rare/live again with: 'Gettin' Hungry', a half-thought out demo representing the boys' take on a Beach Boys 'Smiley Smile' track; 'Around the Plynth' is a retread of of Rod and Ron Wood's days in the Jeff Beck Group with some ace slide guitar from Ron and unbelievable drumming by Kenney; 'Open to Ideas' is a bittersweet gem which I believe Ronnie Lane wrote that I think surpasses his better known moments in the group 'Ooh La La' and 'Debris'; 'The Stealer' covers Free (pet hate of The Pimps of Gore) to spectacular effect; and finally, if you don't know 'Stay with Me' just download it - it's a classic for a reason.
By the way, Spoilt Victorian Child has posted on Outrageous Cherry, a fave band of mine for many a year that I believe everyone should check out. Their psychedelic pop is as delightful as eating a stick of rock whilst strolling along the beach at Blackpool. However, Nouvelle Vague are hideously awful. Sorry Matt but if I ever wanted lounge covers of XTC then I'd get myself neutered.

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