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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Go For Your Guns!


Havana Guns - She Always Goes Down (Single on Cigarette, 2005)

Havana Guns - She Always Goes Down
Havana Guns - Sister Brother
Havana Guns - Vivan Los Angeles

Wow for the first time - Adventures... has a semi-exclusive! Of course, it will never rival Matt's discovery of The Motel Beds who I love like new born spaniel puppies - floppy ears and all. Nor will it rival my sister getting a song dedicated to her by the Lucksmiths. Harpy. But I know the Havana Guns' drummer by association. Woo!
The Havana Guns were a four piece who, like Echo and the Bunnymen, ended up sacking the drum machine due to its boozy party lifestyle and getting a real life replacement instead along with a new organ player (ooh err missus) turning them into a fabulous five piece whose debut single has got them quite the critical praise (played on BBC 6music, Winner of Unsigned Band of the Week on Xfm, play on MTV2) extending as far as that monolith of music journalism, the NME. Don't worry, Havana Guns are nothing like The 'godawful' Bravery but have rather attracted Blondie comparisons. Why is beyond me except for the fact that they have a female singer and guitars. If that are the requirements for pop similies then I'll say that they're a mix between Kraftwerk (samplers), Allan Smethurst the Singing Postman (they have lyrics), Snoop Dogg (a love of 'Gin and Juice') and The Monkees (they can carry a pop tune).
Actually, if I was to make a worthwhile comparison then I'd say that 'Vivan Los Angeles' reminds me of New Order if only for the bass line. The kick off to 'She Always Goes Down' with the organ and chopping chords smacks of something that I can't quite place but all I know is that I like it especially the keyboards on the chorus and the vocal samples in the breakdown. They may not be especially innovative but their song structures are impeccable creating music that wouldn't sound out of place featured on In The Groove. It definitely grows on you like a fungus that sings show tunes and makes you a cup of tea in the morning after a night on the town. If that makes any sense... which it doesn't except if you're me.
In short, head to their website and check out their details. At the moment, they're signed to Cigarette who don't seem to have any other bands on their roster but I am definitely looking forward to the band's second release. If you guys like it too, leave a comment so that I can tell my lovely girlfriend that I'm not lying when I say that the band are really good.
Also, apologies for the direct linking on the previous post but I thought Kelp would more than likely appreciate the traffic. Yes, I'm ever so naughty. On that note, I think I'm going to go and have some delicious lunchables.

Visit - Havana Guns