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Monday, May 30, 2005

Me and Coolio Down By the Schoolyard


Andrew Vincent and the Pirates - I Love the Modern Way (Kelp Records, 2004)

Andrew Vincent and the Pirates - Martha
Andrew Vincent and the Pirates - Bahamas

Andrew Vincent and the Pirates - A Short Trip with the Pirates (Kelp Records, 2003)

Andrew Vincent and the Pirates - Girlfriend's Dog
Andrew Vincent and the Pirates - Grade Four

It seems that every mp3 blog has their strange yet special favourite artists - Matt has his thing for Bishop Allen, Spike has Dwight Twilley and Senor Gainsbourg etc. etc. Now, me, I personally thought that I would always be impartial to such concerns with a wide range of musical goodies. However, my love for this man and his music has led to my running down to the college pigeonholes every day for three weeks until two days ago when the two CDs I'd ordered all the way from Canada were eventually spotted resting amongst useless society letters and flyers regarding post-exam activities *cue the evangelical organ music*. The lovely guys at Kelp even gave me a free 10th year anniversary badge and two stickers! Happiness abounds that day.
First things first, ' I Love the Modern Way' far surpasses 'A Short Trip...' as an album. Not to say that 'A Short Trip...' is bad, in fact it's a great sophomore effort, but I adore 'I Love Modern Way' like a small tiny surrogate plastic baby... which is also bald (as babies tend to be). Guitar pop doesn't get better than this with its catchy riffing, dry delivery, and sharp and intelligent lyrical witticisms. Vincent, like the Lucksmiths, has an ear for a biting yet simple lyrical construct that aptly taps into everyday life often leading to him "borrowing" from other artists such as Paul Simon ('Girlfriend's Dog), Slade ('Grade Four') and The Velvets ('Stephanie Says' off 'I Love...').
Both affairs are short and sweet with 18 tracks between them if one doesn't count the throwaway bonus track on 'A Short Trip...' but what the albums lack in quantity they make up for in quality. I would call the music 'power pop' but it lacks the normal production sheen that one associates with 'power pop' placing it more in the area of 'One Mississippi' era Brendan Benson. It's honest music with no pretensions that will leave you handclapping along in no time. Sometimes, that's all that you want and all that you'll ever need. If any of you guys think the Mr Vincent and his scruvy crew of Pirates (all two of 'em) sounds like someone that you love drop me a bell in the comments section. Would love to hear about them and hope that enjoy the pot smokin' Canadian daredevils as much as I.
My last exam is on Thursday, peeps, so am probably not going to post on Wednesday although knowing me I will do it in a panic induced fit of procrastination. Look forward to some Pearlfishers on the flip side. Note to self: stop watching 'Scrubs' all the time before you start talking gangsta and begin referring to people as "big chocolate bears".

UPDATE: Damn you Teaching Indies Kids people and your horrible knowledge and smartness! Good taste though.

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