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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Skater Boi, the Surfer Dude, the Power Pop Trio and their Flu Jabs

The Luxury Liners

The Luxury Liners - Believe
The Luxury Liners - Fallen Star
The Luxury Liners - Blockbuster

The Acorn

The Acorn - Do You Not Yearn At All?
The Acorn - Darcy

All Girl Summer Fun Band

All Girl Summer Fun Band - Jason Lee

Lemonheads uber-fans from Nashville doing Cher covers today! Woo! Yes, 'Believe' is a cover of Cher's hideous mega-hit from a couple years back except it's quite good. A guilty pleasure. 'Fallen Star', on the other hand, is just a pure pleasure. An simple acoustic live number (not yet put on album, dagnabbit) that has nothing of the Dando about it, it's just impossible to describe how lovely it is in its simplicity. 'Blockbuster' is live and its influences are slightly more obvious but since I love that crazy crack smoking, drag wearing freakazoid Evan I love these guys too.
Dave Dewese, member of both The Luxury Liners and the Foxymorons (wonderful as well), is on Audioscrobbler and is kindly putting up with my fandom despite the fact that I didn't completely realise that he was in the bands when I first added him to my Friends list. He probably thinks I'm a stalker. I think that this exam revision is scrambling my brains. Thankfully, before he issued the restraining order, he put me on to Californian singer-songwriter Tim Bluhm. Bluhm is lead singer of Cali band, The Mother Hips (who must have made 6 or 7 albums now) and is so good that his 'Soft Adventure/Colts' album is already making its way to the shores of Ol' Blighty and into my eager little paws.
Back to Kelp Records, who I featured a while back, I feel rather stupid because I missed out what has to be their real asset ('cept the irreverent stylings of Mr Vincent and his Pirates), The Acorn. I popped on one of their tracks, 'Do You Not Yearn At All' and... wow! It relies upon repetitive guitar motifs to drive the song at the beginning but then slowly begins to build with a ghost-like guitar line appearing and the drums cantering away at a steady pace until around 2.45 where it returns to where it started for ten seconds or so before it kicks off again even more beautifully than it had before. The words 'post-rock' spring to mind but The Acorn don't seem to possess the in built self destruct button such bands tend to have where they descend either into tedious noodling or impregnatable experimentation. Having sampled 'Darcy' too, the vocalist and creative force behind the band, Rolf Klauseneur, is not only extremely talented but has a voice perfectly suited to the music in that it is rather similar to Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie. Sweet and mature but not whiny or grating like Chris Carrabba or Thom Yorke.
Speaking of magnificent voices, the man with the best voice in pop, Joe Pernice, is releasing downloads for a dollar on his website with two up at the moment, both of which I proceeded to purchase, 'The Flu' and 'Moonshot Manny'. I can understand why 'Moonshot Manny' hasn't been relased on a Pernice album due to its ode to the Red Sox slugger, Manny Ramirez, being drowned under electro squelchs, a sighing female sample, and a drum machine. It's pretty rubbish really. 'The Flu' though is superb and well worth checking out with Joe singing over a dripping tap (yes, that's not a typo surprisingly) and echoing acoustic guitar that lends to the song a fanscinatingly deep echo. It's a fantastic production. I'd post it but that would defeat the purpose of Joe uploading the song in the first place which is to raise money for Dotwell, a health services partnership of the Codman Square Health Center and Dorchester Multi-Service Center.
The All Girl Summer Fun Band track is just there for a laugh. As you will have guessed, it's a bubblegum pop song about Jason Lee, the scientologist, skater and star of the View Askew universe movies. It's not half as dirty as Pony Up!'s tribute to Matthew Modine but does have the cool line "Jason Lee doing kick flips in my dreams".
All these tracks are free on the band's websites which I highly recommend that you check out. Tim Bluhm's streaming radio is especially good as it includes tracks solo, with the Mother Hips and other side projects. The video of 'Love Has No Pride' on his site is tremendous too.

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