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Monday, May 16, 2005

Sun Tzu's Cheerios

Art of Fighting - Wires (3 Beads of Sweat, 2002)

Art of Fighting - Reasons Are All I Have Left
Art of Fighting - Give Me Tonight

Wheat - Per Second, Per Second, Per Second... Every Second (Aware, 2003)

Wheat - I Met A Girl
Wheat - World United Already (Naked Version)

Apologies, my sweet misguided brethren for the lack of a post on Friday and Wednesday's post disappearing into limbo for a short while too. It's all thanks to my heavy workload and relative incompetence.
As a result of my heavy revising, I won't keep you long with this post and shall quickly state that all of the above four tracks are fantastic and readily available off the respective bands' websites.
Art of Fighting are a quartet from Sydney who've been around for a decade and still only released two albums (watch out Blue Nile!) with their music lazily compared to Coldplay and Radiohead because they simply sound like nobody else with their gorgeous acoustic soundscapes somehow raised to another level by Ollie Browne's delicate and slight crooning.
Wheat hail from America with the two tracks off their fourth album released a few years ago.

UPDATE: Holy moly! Did I fall asleep half way through this post? Maybe some of it got deleted. I don't know! Guess that what 'Trusts & Equity' will do to you. Apologies and here's the two bands' websites accompanied by a sincere statement that both band's are compulsory listening.

Visit - Art of Fighting
Visit - Wheat