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Friday, May 27, 2005

Those Hobbitsses Got Rhythm and Blues


The Small Faces

The Small Faces - I Can't Make It
The Small Faces - Almost Grown
The Small Faces - It's Too Late
The Small Faces - Come On Children
The Small Faces - What'cha Gonna Do About It? (French EP Version)

See I promised some Small Faces for comparison purposes and hey ho let's go! All of these tracks are numbers from their Decca days and I have purposefully omitted some of their best known songs such as 'Tin Soldier', 'All or Nothing', and 'My Mind's Eye'. So have a listen to the modfathers themselves and tell me what you think.
As a postscript - why are people like John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger often in the top ten of the greatest rock n' roll singers of all time and Steve Marriott isn't? The best rating that I've ever seen the boy get was no. 98 in an old Mojo poll. That is a complete disgrace in my opinion. His tone may be your archetypal soul shout but there's a certain purity to it accompanied by impeccable phrasing that I find mindblowing. The rest of the band, as I've already said, weren't too bad either. Listen to The Small Faces, the Creation or the Move and then to the Mod Revival of the late 70s and then you'll understand why so many held the "revival"to be such a mockery.
Okay that's your lot. Am off to have a shower and wash away the hangover and cigarette smoke. Much love. Oh wait... Said the Gramophone has a pairing of Nick Drake and Homestar Runner today. Yes, they are indeed geniuses.

NOTE: Kelp Records has updated its weekly downloads. Check out the ever wonderful Jonathan by my fave Andrew Vincent and a fantastic hard rockin cut from the "a little bit country" Greenfield Main. My "girlfriend's brother's girlfriend" indeed.

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