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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What is Kelp?

Chris Page - Decided to Stay and Swim (Kelp Records, 2003)

Killing Time in the Doubt Department
She Floats Like Dizzy Sunshine

Detective Kalita (Kelp Records, 2003)
The Only Game in Town

Andrew Vincent & the Pirates - I Love the Modern Way! (Kelp Records, 2003)

One, Two, Three
Cover It Up

Greenfield Main - Barnburgers and Heartchurners (Kelp Records, 2004)

Have Mercy
Fireworks Display

No pretty picture today sadly due to it being very late and me being very tired. Instead, I wish to point you in the direction in the wonderful Canadian label, Kelp Records to whom I was semi-introduced to by Teaching the Indie Kids... and their posting of Andrew Vincent's breathtakingly innovative and hummable cover of the Beastie Boys' 'Paul Revere' with little Casio bleeps thrown in for good measure. After playing the song so much that my landing mates soon became extremely tired of its repetetive chord structure, I delved deeper trying to find merchandise and CDs by said Mr Vincent and came across this label, Kelp.
All these mp3s have been half-inched from their site and their very pretty downloads page allowing plebians such as myself to sample their many wares. They also very kindly have a seperate little sampler updated weekly on their home page leading to visits there every Monday afternoon like clockwork.
Chris Page is a singer songwriter of the sort that, unlike Messrs Falkner, and Matthews, does not believe in dense instrumentation in his songs but merely relies upon an electric guitar and lots of feedback. He gets good results too.
Andrew Vincent and his marvellous Pirates are by far the standout on the label. Maybe its due to Vincent's highly pleasing vocals or his excellent ear for an infectious melody but if I played 'One, Two, Three' in a DJ set I would put money on the dance floor being instatnly filled with promiscuous teenagers doing the Charleston (or some such dance).
However, despite my love for AV, the real spoils have to go to country boys, Greenfield Main, and their absolutely gorgeous tune 'Have Mercy'. It's so good that I am seriously considering parting with hard cash for their latest album and I'm sure that if the boys at Rough Trade heard it then it would be on 'Country Vol. 2' in a flash.
Speaking of Rough Trade, one of my gorgeous lady friend's best mates back in the Bedford ghetto is drummer for a band currently getting big ups in the alternative music press and featuring in Rough Trade shops. Which band? I'll tell you next post. Oooooooh, I'm such a tease. They're really good too.

Visit - Kelp Records