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Monday, June 13, 2005

Rockin' the Swan and Three


Graham Parker and the Rumour - Pumpin' It Out (Deleted Aussie Import)

Graham Parker - Back Door Love
Graham Parker - Problem Child
Graham Parker - White Honey
Graham Parker - Stick to Me
Graham Parker - Heat Treatment

Whilst cruising through the record shops in Newcastle the other day I managed to steer my girlfriend and I into a vinyl store where I proceeded to spend five minutes intently perusing a sinlge vinyl record sleeve. Which record you ask? Why it was Graham Parker's 1977 effort 'Stick to Me'. What an album it is too with its incendiary title track, the loose shuffle on 'The Heat in Harlem' and the playfulness of 'The New York Shuffle' whose basic boogie could have been rather flacid in a lesser band than the Rumour's hands.
Parker often becomes embroiled in comparisons with pub rock and the late 70s Canvey Island pub rock scene of Ian Dury (a wonderful songsmith in his own right) and Dr Feelgood which I find rather unfair. He creates a fantastically tight form of R & B with fluid rhythms, taut solos and an acerbic vocal style. Even nowadays, Parker continues to perforem unabated by musical changes and still sounds as fresh and important as ever.
Of the five tracks I've put up for a gander, 'Stick to Me' is definitely my favourite with 'White Honey' and 'Back Door Love' not-so-close seconds which saying a lot when you hear how wonderful 'Stick...' is. With its biting strings, electricfying chorus and pulsing horns no other song from that era will ever equal it in intensity. Listen to it right this minute and wonder why you haven't heard Parker's name before.
On a quick side note, check out Moistworks's post on EC's Armed Forces. It's fantastic.

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