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Monday, June 06, 2005

Spongebob Should Have a Starfish Hospital


The Paperbacks - An Episode of Sparrows (Pshaw!, 2003)

The Paperbacks - Bridge
The Paperbacks - Plans in Advance

Canada - land of the free, the French and the most unbelievable crop of brilliant bands since dear ol' Blighty back in the 60s. Yes, The Paperbacks are Canadian and a new favourite of mine. Kudos to The Weakerthans for linking to their site (which now appears to be going through reconstructive surgery).
The two above tracks are taken of their latest effort, 'An Episode of Sparrows', but I must state before going on that the entire album is streamed on their page at New Music Canada with 'Who Will Run the Starfish Hospital' and 'The New Poverty' two firm favourites of mine. The sound that they create could be lazily branded as emo with Doug McLean (the band's major songwriter) possessing a very similar vocal style to Jimmy Eat World's Jim Adkins. However, where bands such as Jimmy... can dive off into tangents buried by vague lyrical concepts and overdriven guitars, the Paperbacks refuse to follow that path constantly staying within range of their pop sensibilities. They even find themselves upon the curiously inviting void that is twee jangle pop before pulling themselves away from the brink. Actually thinking about it they remind me of Zumpano except without the erratic nature that made that band so intoxicating. The New Pornographers may have left Zumpano's rotting corpse to fester (lovely imagery, no?) so that they could pursue its more bubblegum sensibilities but I think that The Paperbacks could well take over Zumpano's throne with a little help from their friends. And possibly some Febreze.
Been having fun post-exams so far. Won a music quiz in the city yesterday despite not recognising the intro to 'The Sunshine of my Life' which was irksome and, on my return from the aforementioned victory, we spied a mobile Cat neuteuring vehicle cum ambulance (arrgh just realised that pun!) which gave me a good chuckle. Beer festival yesterday too with much German wiesse beer and crisp Japanese lager. Yummy. More Locksley demos on You Ain't No Picasso. Ultra yum.
Next time - Wilco's bassist makes purty music not-so-much-of-a-shocker.

Visit - The Paperbacks (New Music Canada) and stream the entire album
Buy - The Paperbacks - An Episode of Sparrows