Adventures of a University Finalist

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Successful Side Saddle Summer Songs AKA Alliteration is Fun!


The Autumn Defense - Circles (Cooking Vinyl, 2003)

The Autumn Defense - Circles
The Autumn Defense - The Sun in California
The Autumn Defense - Why I'm Like This

The Autumn Defense - The Green Hour (Broadmoor Records, 2001)

The Autumn Defense - Long Forgotten Love
The Autumn Defense - This Kind of Day

Ok - a speed post because I have to get going to the suits and boots affair celebrating exams' end. So here goes:
The Autumn Defense... two guys... one = Wilco's bassist... Jeff Tweedy guests... described as "coma rock"/Americana... silly, silly pigeonholing... subtle acoustic landscaping... highly soothing... prefer it to the insomnia inducing alternatives (Frou Frou - I'm looking at you)... 2nd album slightly less experimental and therefore more accessible than the first... plenty of other mp3s in the 'albums' section on their great site... love every single track I've heard by them... opinions in the comments section please. And done! Another speed blog spectacular brought to you by Finalist-vision.

Visit - The Autumn Defense
Buy - The Autumn Defense - Circles