Adventures of a University Finalist

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Fugue State Aphasiacon (No I Don't Know What That Means Either)


John Allison, Sheffield's finest son (except maybe Jarvis Cocker a couple of steel workers fresh from the smokey ardour of the Working Man's Club) and creator of the finest web comics known to man, Bobbins and Scary Go Round, has compiled his personal list of The Top 100 Singles of All Time. I don't necessarily agree with the man but it's a bloody good effort. I mean he included 'Jordan the Comeback' era Prefab Sprout, Tanya Donnelly's finest hour, the commercial prostitute (well by their usual standards) era Sonic Youth's 'Sugar Kane', and TODD! The man is a legend! So go and check it out and comment him on his completion of this herculean task with both pep and sass. Touche!