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Monday, July 18, 2005

Rewrites for the Prodigal Son


Chris Stills - 100 Year Thing (Atlantic, 1998)

Chris Stills - Lucifer & Jane
Chris Stills - Voyeur
Chris Stills - Razor Blades
Chris Stills - God Won't Make You A Man

This post started like any other. First , I mentioned Chris Stills's dad, Stephen, member of 'Buffalo Springfield' and 'Crosby, Stills and Nash', provoker of the infamous 'Ray Charles is an ignorant, blind nigger' comment from Elvis Costello in THAT bar room brawl, and generally grumpy, cocaine snorting fiend. This proceeded into a comment that another rock legend's son, Ethan Johns, son of Glyn Johns (producer of Led Zeppelin, The Stones, Eric Clapton etc. etc.), who not only produces '100 Year Thing' but also plays 11 different instruments on it with his laying down the drum track on most. By the way, what the hell is an optigan? Apparently, Ethan plays it on "Razor Blades". If you spot the bugger and leave the answer in the comments then I'll give you a nice juicy lollipop or some other incentive. I've not quite decided yet.
Back to the structure, I was just about to begin my usual track by track review/breakdown/psychoanalysis when I realised that I've suddenly become entrenched in a creative rut with each post trying to break free from the cookie cutter structural restraints I place on them. So no more! I'm looking to branch outwards toward the loving arms of the unpredictable and the delights of the "absurdist simile". So I restarted the post and have thus far begun a post-modern breakdown of my own thoughts whilst writing this pantheon of blogdom.
I've started a never ending circle of constantly gazzumping myself in regards to post length with a post that doesn't result in my sitting at the computer for two hours or more is somehow not of sufficient quality. This has resulted in some rather horrific padding (Jim Belushi?) along with some stuff that I think is pretty astute if I dont mind saying so (the Brian Wilson consipracy theory). Hopefully, I'll be able to cut this down when necessary, for example when I have pretty much bugger all insight as to the artist but I really like the artist's work or when their lyrics make absolutely no sense to me and I don't want to just make completely random crap up. The "absurdist simile" is something that I must stop from becoming overexposed to a public that is not quite ready for its full power.
So finally to the Chris Stills' music. I like it a lot. Some of it sounds like Kyuss and most of it is highly accomplished folk rock. Listen to it and then buy the album for two pounds at Amazon. Now, that wasn't too hard was it?

Buy - Chris Stills - 100 Year Thing