Adventures of a University Finalist

Friday, August 26, 2005

Collaboration - Captain Planet Style!


Just a quick note here: Dodge at MOKB has got Luxury Liners and Foxymorons up on his site for all those poor fools who missed out first time round. He's also linked to my interview with David Dewese, the driving force behind both those bands. Even if you have them, go look anyway as it's one of the best music blogs out there. I may have another quick post tomorrow but if not I'll have something new on Monday. Peace, love and all that gubbins.

UPDATE: Whoops. Knew that I'd forgotten something. Go here and then click on 'Downloads'. Download 'Save It For Later' - an excellent Harvey Danger cover of The English Beat classic that I've previously featured on 'Adventures'. Dig that organ and pork scratchings break.

Visit - The Foxymorons
Visit - The Luxury Liners