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Monday, October 31, 2005

The King of the Gypsies


Edwyn Collins - Doctor Syntax (Instinct Records, 2003)

Edwyn Collins - Mine Is At
Edwyn Collins - The Beatles

Hello people. It is the day of reckoning for I have decided who will win the wonderful prize which I offered last Monday. Honourable mentions go out to all of you who actually entered. Billy Budapest: I appreciated your candour as to your hatred of Steely Dan, The Raspberries, and 10cc. Of course, I don't necessarily agree but I can understand why you see them as musically defunct in a modernising musical sphere. Big Bad Bit: Bonus points for the Loudon love! I'd also like to take this juncture to voice my appreciation for your own site - I'm particularly enamoured with your "Chin Stroker" and "Painful" tracks. These blogs should be an outlet to forewarn consumers against complete crap. KFAV: Contemporaneous choices which were refreshing (yes, I can see Dando as a childlike figure albeit one with a barely contained animus). Greg: You just couldn't contain yourself could you? This pleases me greatly. Bill P: Why must you torment me with your exploits! It's not my fault that I was not even a twinkle in the milkman's eye when Nils was bouncing on his trampoline... Fantastic choices although I'm sure you could think of a better reason to include The (English) Beat than 'Stand Down Margaret'? Marc: You got the ball rolling which was very kind of you. I noticed your inclusion of the Big O and must yet again point people toward my painfully researched Otis feature at Jefitoblog. Finally, our winner, DVD: This may seem a cop-out to you other boys but DVD's earned this award through his continuous support of this blog, the fact that he decided to write far too much on each of his choices, and his call to arms for all Monkee lovers to unite under the same Adventures... banner. The fact that none of his choices doesn't matter a jot because only two of you actually scored a single hit. For the record, I chose:

Todd Rundgren
The Isley Brothers
The Beach Boys (none of you chose them! for shame...)
Otis Redding
Loudon Wainwright III

So DVD - send me your address to and we'll sort out the posting of your CDs. The rest of you can look forward to exhaustive posts on The Undertones, The Jam, The Monkees, Jellyfish and Squeeze. Enjoy the frothy electropop poured into a Collins glass. Same time, Same Bat-channel.

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