Adventures of a University Finalist

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What A Muppet!


The Joel Plaskett Emergency - Blinding Light
DB Cooper - Ram On
We Are Scientists - This Means War

3 weeks away! Who would have thought that it such a long period of torpor and blind negation would exist between this post and the epic that came before. Well, I'm sure that you're all used to it by now so I won't dwell.
It's good to be back in the arms of Adventures... again but sadly I cannot stay for this period has suddenly become very busy after a long barren spell of inactivity. However, I will briefly explain the treats that are on offer today. Joel Plaskett, the Canadian singer-songwriter, is a favourite of *sixeyes and I was lucky enough to chance upon his debut album in a Durham record store's bargain bin so I thought that I'd share the rather lovely 'Blinding Light' with you all. DB Cooper is high adrenalin power pop dredged from the Not Lame obsurities promo CD that I received in the mail this very morn. It's admittedly low quality (no doubt due to its origin on old vinyl) but iy's probably the best exponent of the genre that I've heard in some time. You should know who We Are Scientists are and if you don't then you have been taking your daily dose of YANP like you should be! 'This Means War' is the superior b-side on the UK single release of ' The Great Escape'.
DVD, don't fret, I have not forgotten my promise of five essays on your favourite artists. I just have to find an angle of approach to the group and after that it will be smooth sailing. Hopefully, I will return quicker than the last time but sadly my irratic nature is what currently masquerades for guile and charm nowadays. Toodle pip!

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