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Monday, May 30, 2005

Me and Coolio Down By the Schoolyard


Andrew Vincent and the Pirates - I Love the Modern Way (Kelp Records, 2004)

Andrew Vincent and the Pirates - Martha
Andrew Vincent and the Pirates - Bahamas

Andrew Vincent and the Pirates - A Short Trip with the Pirates (Kelp Records, 2003)

Andrew Vincent and the Pirates - Girlfriend's Dog
Andrew Vincent and the Pirates - Grade Four

It seems that every mp3 blog has their strange yet special favourite artists - Matt has his thing for Bishop Allen, Spike has Dwight Twilley and Senor Gainsbourg etc. etc. Now, me, I personally thought that I would always be impartial to such concerns with a wide range of musical goodies. However, my love for this man and his music has led to my running down to the college pigeonholes every day for three weeks until two days ago when the two CDs I'd ordered all the way from Canada were eventually spotted resting amongst useless society letters and flyers regarding post-exam activities *cue the evangelical organ music*. The lovely guys at Kelp even gave me a free 10th year anniversary badge and two stickers! Happiness abounds that day.
First things first, ' I Love the Modern Way' far surpasses 'A Short Trip...' as an album. Not to say that 'A Short Trip...' is bad, in fact it's a great sophomore effort, but I adore 'I Love Modern Way' like a small tiny surrogate plastic baby... which is also bald (as babies tend to be). Guitar pop doesn't get better than this with its catchy riffing, dry delivery, and sharp and intelligent lyrical witticisms. Vincent, like the Lucksmiths, has an ear for a biting yet simple lyrical construct that aptly taps into everyday life often leading to him "borrowing" from other artists such as Paul Simon ('Girlfriend's Dog), Slade ('Grade Four') and The Velvets ('Stephanie Says' off 'I Love...').
Both affairs are short and sweet with 18 tracks between them if one doesn't count the throwaway bonus track on 'A Short Trip...' but what the albums lack in quantity they make up for in quality. I would call the music 'power pop' but it lacks the normal production sheen that one associates with 'power pop' placing it more in the area of 'One Mississippi' era Brendan Benson. It's honest music with no pretensions that will leave you handclapping along in no time. Sometimes, that's all that you want and all that you'll ever need. If any of you guys think the Mr Vincent and his scruvy crew of Pirates (all two of 'em) sounds like someone that you love drop me a bell in the comments section. Would love to hear about them and hope that enjoy the pot smokin' Canadian daredevils as much as I.
My last exam is on Thursday, peeps, so am probably not going to post on Wednesday although knowing me I will do it in a panic induced fit of procrastination. Look forward to some Pearlfishers on the flip side. Note to self: stop watching 'Scrubs' all the time before you start talking gangsta and begin referring to people as "big chocolate bears".

UPDATE: Damn you Teaching Indies Kids people and your horrible knowledge and smartness! Good taste though.

Visit and Buy - Andrew Vincent and the Pirates

Friday, May 27, 2005

Those Hobbitsses Got Rhythm and Blues


The Small Faces

The Small Faces - I Can't Make It
The Small Faces - Almost Grown
The Small Faces - It's Too Late
The Small Faces - Come On Children
The Small Faces - What'cha Gonna Do About It? (French EP Version)

See I promised some Small Faces for comparison purposes and hey ho let's go! All of these tracks are numbers from their Decca days and I have purposefully omitted some of their best known songs such as 'Tin Soldier', 'All or Nothing', and 'My Mind's Eye'. So have a listen to the modfathers themselves and tell me what you think.
As a postscript - why are people like John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger often in the top ten of the greatest rock n' roll singers of all time and Steve Marriott isn't? The best rating that I've ever seen the boy get was no. 98 in an old Mojo poll. That is a complete disgrace in my opinion. His tone may be your archetypal soul shout but there's a certain purity to it accompanied by impeccable phrasing that I find mindblowing. The rest of the band, as I've already said, weren't too bad either. Listen to The Small Faces, the Creation or the Move and then to the Mod Revival of the late 70s and then you'll understand why so many held the "revival"to be such a mockery.
Okay that's your lot. Am off to have a shower and wash away the hangover and cigarette smoke. Much love. Oh wait... Said the Gramophone has a pairing of Nick Drake and Homestar Runner today. Yes, they are indeed geniuses.

NOTE: Kelp Records has updated its weekly downloads. Check out the ever wonderful Jonathan by my fave Andrew Vincent and a fantastic hard rockin cut from the "a little bit country" Greenfield Main. My "girlfriend's brother's girlfriend" indeed.

Buy - The Small Faces - The Darlings of Wapping Wharf Laundrette

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Five Guys Walk Into A Bar... Ouch (Pt 2)


The Faces - Five Guys Walk Into A Bar (Rhino, 2004)

The Faces - Gettin' Hungry
The Faces - Around the Plynth/Gasoline Alley (Live)
The Faces - Open to Ideas
The Faces - Stay With Me (Live)
The Faces - The Stealer (Live)

First thing s first, thanks go out to Jack (not Jason as previously reported due to my being an idiot) at Revolution in the Head for highlighting the blog. At first, I was a little blase about the whole thing (as you can see from my rather um... arrogant comment) but now am eternally grateful to him. I have comments! Halle-bloody-lujah!
Speaking of comments, one anonymous commenter stated that Rod Stewart ruined the Small Faces. I've already contributed my two cents/pence to that but just to reiterate. The Small Faces were the greatest Mod band of the 60s. The Faces were the greatest rock band of the 70s. The two statements are not mutually exclusive and to say such things just because you dislike Rod Stewart is an insult to the rest of the boys especially Ronnie Lane, the main force behind both bands. Anyway, Humble Pie kinda sucked from what I've heard of them. Prove me wrong.
These tracks I've posted are all rare/live again with: 'Gettin' Hungry', a half-thought out demo representing the boys' take on a Beach Boys 'Smiley Smile' track; 'Around the Plynth' is a retread of of Rod and Ron Wood's days in the Jeff Beck Group with some ace slide guitar from Ron and unbelievable drumming by Kenney; 'Open to Ideas' is a bittersweet gem which I believe Ronnie Lane wrote that I think surpasses his better known moments in the group 'Ooh La La' and 'Debris'; 'The Stealer' covers Free (pet hate of The Pimps of Gore) to spectacular effect; and finally, if you don't know 'Stay with Me' just download it - it's a classic for a reason.
By the way, Spoilt Victorian Child has posted on Outrageous Cherry, a fave band of mine for many a year that I believe everyone should check out. Their psychedelic pop is as delightful as eating a stick of rock whilst strolling along the beach at Blackpool. However, Nouvelle Vague are hideously awful. Sorry Matt but if I ever wanted lounge covers of XTC then I'd get myself neutered.

Visit - The (Excellent) Faces Website

Monday, May 23, 2005

I'm So Excited That A Little Bit Of Pee Just Came Out


The Lucksmiths - Warmer Corners (Candle Records, 2005)

The Lucksmiths - Sunlight in a Jar
The Lucksmiths - Fiction

Oh my god. Is this the greatest blog post you've ever seen? Well, it is to me. The Lucksmiths are definitely in my top five favourite artists of all time since the time I first discovered them on a mix CD my sister sent me with 'The Great Dividing Range' featured on it. 'Sunlight in a Jar' is already in my top ten favourite songs accompanying 'Guess How Much I Love You' which has been in the top five for the past six months. An entire Lucksmiths gig just makes my day and answers loads of questions in my head such as "Can they possibly play 'Fiction' live?" (apparently not), "Do they play any tracks off 'A Little Distraction'?" (apparently so) and "Should I go see them next time they come over to England?"
(yes, yes AND yes - I want to be able to bop up and down like a mad Jack-in-a-Box until my tummy hurts).
The live version of Sunlight in a Jar that they plkay on the recording seems at too high a tempo for my liking but that's my only compliant. I mean Tali even starts singing 'My Heart Will Go On' (albeit briefly) before kicking into the magnificent closer 'The Year of Driving Langorously'. Thanks Bradley.
Note: The planned Faces post will be up tomorrow or Wednesday. Just now it seems like a cliffhanger of some sort but without John Lithgow's gurning.

Buy - Warmer Corners
Visit - The Lucksmiths

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Five Guys Walk Into A Bar... Ouch (Pt 1)


The Faces - Five Guys Walk Into A Bar (Rhino, 20004)

The Faces - Maybe I'm Amazed (Live)
The Faces - Pool Hall Richard
The Faces - Miss Judy's Farm (Live)
The Faces - You're My Girl (I Don't Want to Discuss It) (Live)
The Faces - Last Orders Please

Wahoo! My first two exams (the killer three hour mothers) are now both done and/or dusted so I can now have a bit of a relax for a few days. As a result of this great mood that I'm now in, despite the headache from the early wake-up and the fact that I hadn't had a beer in about a week and half before yesterday, I've constructed a bog standard two part series for your enjoyment.
The tracks above are all rare cuts taken off Discs 1 and 2 of the relatively new Faces box set, Five Guys Walk Into A Bar... I could give you a detailed history of the boys but (a) the box set itself is at home and (b) it would probably take a while. Let's just say that the Faces were the greatest rock band of the seventies composed of Ronnie Lane, Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones from the Small Faces, Ron Wood from the Jeff Beck Group who of course is now the epitome of cool toruing in the Rolling Stones, and finally, before it all went tits up and he recorded 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?' and 'Sailing', the mighty Rod Stewart.
Start at Pool Hall Richard, a single that was unavailable until the single CD best of 'Good Boys... While They're Asleep' and then to the stomping cover of 'You're My Girl'. Screw it. It's all brilliant. They had a bar ON stage when they used to perform live. How could they not be amazing?

Buy - The Faces - Five Guys Walk Into A Bar...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Fez are Fez-tive! Exams Are Not

No posts until Saturday or Sunday. Sorry but the revision has to be done for my two Law exams on Friday and Saturday where I get to discuss questions such as "If conjoined twins bought a house but only signed legal title in the name of one then which one does the better Tommy Cooper impersonation?" Let's just hope I don't write "Neither" and then proceed to bang my head against the table until an invigilator begins to smack me on the back with a ruler.
Note: Using basic HTML, I've set up a neat looking little "Now Playing" section. Woo! I am slowly learning this business and the blog is beginning to look rather pretty. I've added a Bloglines button to the bottom of the sidebar too so that you can subscribe if so inclined. If you join, you'll constitute half the readership on Bloglines who aren't myself or my sister. Go ahead. Achieve something today.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Sun Tzu's Cheerios

Art of Fighting - Wires (3 Beads of Sweat, 2002)

Art of Fighting - Reasons Are All I Have Left
Art of Fighting - Give Me Tonight

Wheat - Per Second, Per Second, Per Second... Every Second (Aware, 2003)

Wheat - I Met A Girl
Wheat - World United Already (Naked Version)

Apologies, my sweet misguided brethren for the lack of a post on Friday and Wednesday's post disappearing into limbo for a short while too. It's all thanks to my heavy workload and relative incompetence.
As a result of my heavy revising, I won't keep you long with this post and shall quickly state that all of the above four tracks are fantastic and readily available off the respective bands' websites.
Art of Fighting are a quartet from Sydney who've been around for a decade and still only released two albums (watch out Blue Nile!) with their music lazily compared to Coldplay and Radiohead because they simply sound like nobody else with their gorgeous acoustic soundscapes somehow raised to another level by Ollie Browne's delicate and slight crooning.
Wheat hail from America with the two tracks off their fourth album released a few years ago.

UPDATE: Holy moly! Did I fall asleep half way through this post? Maybe some of it got deleted. I don't know! Guess that what 'Trusts & Equity' will do to you. Apologies and here's the two bands' websites accompanied by a sincere statement that both band's are compulsory listening.

Visit - Art of Fighting
Visit - Wheat

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Skater Boi, the Surfer Dude, the Power Pop Trio and their Flu Jabs

The Luxury Liners

The Luxury Liners - Believe
The Luxury Liners - Fallen Star
The Luxury Liners - Blockbuster

The Acorn

The Acorn - Do You Not Yearn At All?
The Acorn - Darcy

All Girl Summer Fun Band

All Girl Summer Fun Band - Jason Lee

Lemonheads uber-fans from Nashville doing Cher covers today! Woo! Yes, 'Believe' is a cover of Cher's hideous mega-hit from a couple years back except it's quite good. A guilty pleasure. 'Fallen Star', on the other hand, is just a pure pleasure. An simple acoustic live number (not yet put on album, dagnabbit) that has nothing of the Dando about it, it's just impossible to describe how lovely it is in its simplicity. 'Blockbuster' is live and its influences are slightly more obvious but since I love that crazy crack smoking, drag wearing freakazoid Evan I love these guys too.
Dave Dewese, member of both The Luxury Liners and the Foxymorons (wonderful as well), is on Audioscrobbler and is kindly putting up with my fandom despite the fact that I didn't completely realise that he was in the bands when I first added him to my Friends list. He probably thinks I'm a stalker. I think that this exam revision is scrambling my brains. Thankfully, before he issued the restraining order, he put me on to Californian singer-songwriter Tim Bluhm. Bluhm is lead singer of Cali band, The Mother Hips (who must have made 6 or 7 albums now) and is so good that his 'Soft Adventure/Colts' album is already making its way to the shores of Ol' Blighty and into my eager little paws.
Back to Kelp Records, who I featured a while back, I feel rather stupid because I missed out what has to be their real asset ('cept the irreverent stylings of Mr Vincent and his Pirates), The Acorn. I popped on one of their tracks, 'Do You Not Yearn At All' and... wow! It relies upon repetitive guitar motifs to drive the song at the beginning but then slowly begins to build with a ghost-like guitar line appearing and the drums cantering away at a steady pace until around 2.45 where it returns to where it started for ten seconds or so before it kicks off again even more beautifully than it had before. The words 'post-rock' spring to mind but The Acorn don't seem to possess the in built self destruct button such bands tend to have where they descend either into tedious noodling or impregnatable experimentation. Having sampled 'Darcy' too, the vocalist and creative force behind the band, Rolf Klauseneur, is not only extremely talented but has a voice perfectly suited to the music in that it is rather similar to Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie. Sweet and mature but not whiny or grating like Chris Carrabba or Thom Yorke.
Speaking of magnificent voices, the man with the best voice in pop, Joe Pernice, is releasing downloads for a dollar on his website with two up at the moment, both of which I proceeded to purchase, 'The Flu' and 'Moonshot Manny'. I can understand why 'Moonshot Manny' hasn't been relased on a Pernice album due to its ode to the Red Sox slugger, Manny Ramirez, being drowned under electro squelchs, a sighing female sample, and a drum machine. It's pretty rubbish really. 'The Flu' though is superb and well worth checking out with Joe singing over a dripping tap (yes, that's not a typo surprisingly) and echoing acoustic guitar that lends to the song a fanscinatingly deep echo. It's a fantastic production. I'd post it but that would defeat the purpose of Joe uploading the song in the first place which is to raise money for Dotwell, a health services partnership of the Codman Square Health Center and Dorchester Multi-Service Center.
The All Girl Summer Fun Band track is just there for a laugh. As you will have guessed, it's a bubblegum pop song about Jason Lee, the scientologist, skater and star of the View Askew universe movies. It's not half as dirty as Pony Up!'s tribute to Matthew Modine but does have the cool line "Jason Lee doing kick flips in my dreams".
All these tracks are free on the band's websites which I highly recommend that you check out. Tim Bluhm's streaming radio is especially good as it includes tracks solo, with the Mother Hips and other side projects. The video of 'Love Has No Pride' on his site is tremendous too.

Visit - The Luxury Liners
Visit - The Foxy Morons
Visit - Tim Bluhm
Visit - The Pernice Brothers
Visit - The Acorn at Kelp Records
Visit - All Girl Summer Fun Band

Monday, May 09, 2005

Doo-Wop Doo-Wop Baby

Steve Poltz - One Left Shoe (Mercury, 1998)

Steve Poltz - Impala
Steve Poltz - I Thought I Saw You Last Night
Steve Poltz - Everything About You

This post is going to be simple and sweet - both musically and writing wise. Steve Poltz is an American singer-songwriter with a unique lyrical voice that embraces humour but doesn't let his song's descend into cheap caricature who came to people's attention due to his relationship, both musically and romantically, with Jewel Kilcher, the people's poet herself.
'Impala' and 'I Thought I Saw You Last Night' are both as a result of this writing collaboration with Jewel and thus feature her unusally high pitched vocals (not usually the case I thought). 'Impala' is a personal favourite of mine due to both associations with my sister (twas a favourite of hers too) and it's strange yet strangely satisfying stream of conciousness lyrics, somewhat similar to songs like Prefab Sprout's 'Faron Young'. It's coyness is accompanied by subtle strings and nice brass riff make it almost a modern take on doo wop that make it a nice warm song to cuddle up to. 'Everything About You' is a simple acoustic song that's sweet not saccharine lyric just really appeals to any romantic's sensibilities and has you just smiling at the sentiment it carries within it. Lovely.
If you like these tracks, go to Poltz's site. He may no longer be on a major label and thankfully doesn;t seem to be associated with Jewel since she went dance pop and started getting her boobs out. The site is very nice and has some more tracks off My Left Shoe for download as well as some excellent cuts off his latest disc 'Chinese Vacation' including the title track that just makes me really laugh out loud. It seems like he was on this year's 2005 SXSW line up too so I'm glad that he's still touring and doing well.
Enjoy my brethren. Feast upon the acoustic loveliness and then maybe pick up the album. It was very cheap on Amazon UK like all good albums seem to be...

Visit - Steve Poltz
Buy - One Left Shoe

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Shoegazing Is Fun If Wearing Novelty Slippers

Alba Nova - Your Next Identity/The Charm Offensive EP (Unsigned, 2005)

Alba Nova - Masquerade
Alba Nova - How Dark is Dark
Alba Nova - A New Pose
Alba Nova - The Stranger and the Streetcar

A modern day Dream Pop revival on my landing by Pixies and Feeder fans? Well, as you might know from my last post, I hate placing music in boxes but I'm afraid that's what I think my mate Dan, and his band Alba Nova, have conjoured up on a budget of zero and some mixing software.
However, whereas most dream pop, such as Galaxie 500 and Slowdive, relies on allowing the song to breathe in their arrangements with minimalist guitar work covered in feedback, Alba Nova seem to be perfectionists who seek to fill gaps with acoustic guitars, cellos, violins, the works. There is none of the required ambience here tending more towards the later work of Jason Pierce with Spiritualised. Not that this is a bad thing giving their songs a rather baroque feel that is further emphasised by Guy Mankowski's (vocalist/guitarist/lyricist) sometimes overwrought and frankly verbose lyricisms.
Guy's vocal delivery suits the studio versions of the songs wonderfully and Dan Hoyes' (lead guitarist/other instruments I'm sure/songwriter/perfectionist) ethereal guitar lines match it wonderfully leading to a relationship rather similar to the Sundays' partnership of Wheeler and Gavurin (though I doubt the two will get married). Sadly, his vocals haven't quite carried over to their live performances but I'm more than sure that the dynamic that the group obviously possess means that this won't last too long. Also, where Guy sometimes falls vocally he is either saved by the stunning musical arrangements (best supported by 'Masquerade' and 'How Dark is Dark') or the lovely harmonising of Hollie Martorella (vocals/strings).
If I were to recommend any of the downloads I've been allowed to put on Adventures... (fresh off the mixing desk - thanks Dan) I'd say that 'Masquerade' and 'How Dark is Dark' are the best. The songwriting is obviously tightened with 'How Dark is Dark' not descending into pretentiousness like it could have and instead creating some simply stunning moments (for example pretty much from 3.40 to the end). 'A New Pose' is fantastic too for Hollie and Guy's vocal sparring and probably would most resemble Mojave 3 and Galaxie 500 if it were slightly looser and refrained from having the chorus (I love the chorus both lyrically and musically though so I'm not complaining). 'The Stranger and the Streetcar' is an old number with excellent acoustic riffing, if I can call it that, from Dan, bongos (kidding, apparently it's a djembe) from Tom Freeman (drummer/percussionist) and mandolin by Chris Prior (bassist/ multi-instrumentalist). The rather heavy ending is nice too.
So that's that then. The band have really transcended the limitations placed upon them and created an extremely accomplished and suprisingly polished recording. Check them out before they get signed as they should be. Now, that IS an exclusive. I feel powerful like Ming the Merciless 'cept without the beard and a hatred for Brian Blessed.

Visit - Alba Nova (the site's slightly broken at the moment despite Dan being a Computer Science student. Go figure.)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Go For Your Guns!


Havana Guns - She Always Goes Down (Single on Cigarette, 2005)

Havana Guns - She Always Goes Down
Havana Guns - Sister Brother
Havana Guns - Vivan Los Angeles

Wow for the first time - Adventures... has a semi-exclusive! Of course, it will never rival Matt's discovery of The Motel Beds who I love like new born spaniel puppies - floppy ears and all. Nor will it rival my sister getting a song dedicated to her by the Lucksmiths. Harpy. But I know the Havana Guns' drummer by association. Woo!
The Havana Guns were a four piece who, like Echo and the Bunnymen, ended up sacking the drum machine due to its boozy party lifestyle and getting a real life replacement instead along with a new organ player (ooh err missus) turning them into a fabulous five piece whose debut single has got them quite the critical praise (played on BBC 6music, Winner of Unsigned Band of the Week on Xfm, play on MTV2) extending as far as that monolith of music journalism, the NME. Don't worry, Havana Guns are nothing like The 'godawful' Bravery but have rather attracted Blondie comparisons. Why is beyond me except for the fact that they have a female singer and guitars. If that are the requirements for pop similies then I'll say that they're a mix between Kraftwerk (samplers), Allan Smethurst the Singing Postman (they have lyrics), Snoop Dogg (a love of 'Gin and Juice') and The Monkees (they can carry a pop tune).
Actually, if I was to make a worthwhile comparison then I'd say that 'Vivan Los Angeles' reminds me of New Order if only for the bass line. The kick off to 'She Always Goes Down' with the organ and chopping chords smacks of something that I can't quite place but all I know is that I like it especially the keyboards on the chorus and the vocal samples in the breakdown. They may not be especially innovative but their song structures are impeccable creating music that wouldn't sound out of place featured on In The Groove. It definitely grows on you like a fungus that sings show tunes and makes you a cup of tea in the morning after a night on the town. If that makes any sense... which it doesn't except if you're me.
In short, head to their website and check out their details. At the moment, they're signed to Cigarette who don't seem to have any other bands on their roster but I am definitely looking forward to the band's second release. If you guys like it too, leave a comment so that I can tell my lovely girlfriend that I'm not lying when I say that the band are really good.
Also, apologies for the direct linking on the previous post but I thought Kelp would more than likely appreciate the traffic. Yes, I'm ever so naughty. On that note, I think I'm going to go and have some delicious lunchables.

Visit - Havana Guns

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What is Kelp?

Chris Page - Decided to Stay and Swim (Kelp Records, 2003)

Killing Time in the Doubt Department
She Floats Like Dizzy Sunshine

Detective Kalita (Kelp Records, 2003)
The Only Game in Town

Andrew Vincent & the Pirates - I Love the Modern Way! (Kelp Records, 2003)

One, Two, Three
Cover It Up

Greenfield Main - Barnburgers and Heartchurners (Kelp Records, 2004)

Have Mercy
Fireworks Display

No pretty picture today sadly due to it being very late and me being very tired. Instead, I wish to point you in the direction in the wonderful Canadian label, Kelp Records to whom I was semi-introduced to by Teaching the Indie Kids... and their posting of Andrew Vincent's breathtakingly innovative and hummable cover of the Beastie Boys' 'Paul Revere' with little Casio bleeps thrown in for good measure. After playing the song so much that my landing mates soon became extremely tired of its repetetive chord structure, I delved deeper trying to find merchandise and CDs by said Mr Vincent and came across this label, Kelp.
All these mp3s have been half-inched from their site and their very pretty downloads page allowing plebians such as myself to sample their many wares. They also very kindly have a seperate little sampler updated weekly on their home page leading to visits there every Monday afternoon like clockwork.
Chris Page is a singer songwriter of the sort that, unlike Messrs Falkner, and Matthews, does not believe in dense instrumentation in his songs but merely relies upon an electric guitar and lots of feedback. He gets good results too.
Andrew Vincent and his marvellous Pirates are by far the standout on the label. Maybe its due to Vincent's highly pleasing vocals or his excellent ear for an infectious melody but if I played 'One, Two, Three' in a DJ set I would put money on the dance floor being instatnly filled with promiscuous teenagers doing the Charleston (or some such dance).
However, despite my love for AV, the real spoils have to go to country boys, Greenfield Main, and their absolutely gorgeous tune 'Have Mercy'. It's so good that I am seriously considering parting with hard cash for their latest album and I'm sure that if the boys at Rough Trade heard it then it would be on 'Country Vol. 2' in a flash.
Speaking of Rough Trade, one of my gorgeous lady friend's best mates back in the Bedford ghetto is drummer for a band currently getting big ups in the alternative music press and featuring in Rough Trade shops. Which band? I'll tell you next post. Oooooooh, I'm such a tease. They're really good too.

Visit - Kelp Records