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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Night Owl is the Right Owl


Owsley - Owsley (Giant Records, 1999)

Owsley - Oh No the Radio
Owsley - Zavelow House
Owsley - The Sky is Falling
Owsley - Uncle John's Farm

Here is a simple equation: a Grammy winner + lascivious pop hooks + silibant sunshine choruses + crunching power chords + crunching 4/4 drums = a fascination with the fairer sex = Owsley. So why have you never heard of him before? I can't answer that question other than to state that I got very lucky one day when flicking through AMG recommendations.
Before I went AWOL for a month, some form of discourse was developing on this site as to the quality of music broadcast through this raggy old fish n' chip newspaper of a messenger. This seems to has dried up other than some nice welcome back messages so to kick in all back into gear I propose that people enter an ad hoc competition based around these songs.
So all you have to do is state is which of the chosen selection is your favourite and why without any citation of potential influences. I want some fluent prose please, people. The winner gets a one of a kind, double CD Power Pop compilation.

Next time: A post on all 5 of Dick's Picks from the last competition. Might as well catch up finally whilst I still have the mental faculties.

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