Adventures of a University Finalist

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Satan Is My Master (Sunrise)


AM/FM - When I Died In Sebastopol
Jose Gonzalez - Lovestain
Cee-Lo - All Day Love Affair
Chris Bell - Country Mom (Demo)

Oh dear. As soon as I promise a new period of creative expediency and I get struck down by a reoccurence of glandular fever - a plague that has affected me since an ill advised pursuit of leisure with a Christian at a First Year University Discotheque. By some freak of nature, I became the vessel for her multitude of sins (with the coveting and all) and since then this particular pox never seems to leave for long - placing razorblades in my throat, aches in my limbs and a strange desire to read trashy novels. Thus, my so-called comeback has been delayed by a few days. My apologies for this.
However, this small selection should go someway to sating prospective appetites with its usual shape of obscure album tracks, mixed genres, and unpopular acts all tied up by extraneous categorisation. In this Northern Hemisphere winter chill I thought that I'd be antipodean in my weather concerns and frame my selection around the god Helios and his pet Sun. The Chris Bell number is a clear prototype to Big Star's mercurial 'Watch the Sunrise', Cee-Lo is so happy that you can hear the starlings chirping around his earlobes, JGs is the only track on his brilliant new album to have the 'Finalist' No. 1 song ingredient of handclaps, and AM/FM have to be heard to be believed. Their non-instrumental tracks can often be marred by weak vocals; not a real plus when you're an acoustic folk duo dependent on the success of your harmonies. The Gonzalez AKA Bravia Boy track may seem a little too dark for the purposes of this exercise with its acoustic thrum reverberating with tinny bass tones. However, with 'Country Mom' covering the sunrise one feels that it would be unfair to not give sunset a shout in the beauty stakes; the shadow resting on the sun's golden throne.

PS: De-Fish - Sorry to upset you. Will you send you a complimetary set of travel tissues to dry your man sized tears. Oh so salty.

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