Adventures of a University Finalist

Friday, February 10, 2006

A Panegyric to Soothe A Troubled Soul


Richard Thompson - Sibella
The Dons - Only Guy
The Acorn - Sent (Awake the Kraken)
Ken Stringfellow - Any Love (Cassandra et Lune)
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Honey Child What Can I Do?

Cor blimey. Another three week hiatus. Bugger. Never mind - it was all in the cause of those two central pillars of this primitive society - love and idleness. Speaking of idleness (and its lesser cousin tiredness) I'm going to keep this unfortunately brief. So I have set myself the challenge of trying to describe these wonderful songs that have deeply affected my life over the last few weeks in a dozen words or less each. Here goes:

Sibella - My throat is raw from hollering this raucous pop to my mirror.
Only Guy - Fantastic straightlaced that power pops my Candy-O cherry
Sent (Awake the Kraken) - Kelp's finest playing children's rhymes backwards listening for Satan's hidden melancholic message
Any Love (Catherine et Lune) - Already in my Top Five all time favourites and climbing
Honey Child What Can I Do? - Fuck Sinatra & Hazlewood; listen to this sugary Irish coffee instead

Well that didn't go too terribly. I raise my glass to you all and drink to the proclivities of my University days returning bringing my long forgotten muse with them. To cheap bitter and broken hearts. May the Buddah and his great prophet, Richard Gere, bless you all.

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